Unleash The Magic In Your Business

Bridge The Gap Between Your Soul Purpose & The Abundant, Impactful Business You Dream Of

You’re a spiritual entrepreneur with a soul-aligned mission. However, your bank account, time, energy, and impact you currently have with your business does not reflect the reality you want to manifest in your life.

If you’re like most people, you go down rabbit holes looking up the newest trick or hack to get your posts seen, turn followers into paying clients, etc…

And if you’re like most people, it’s not working.

And it’s leaving you burnt out, discouraged, and questioning whether this is ever going to be more than a dream for you.

If you’ve done all the things that you were told to do and you’re just not making the breakthrough….

If you’ve learned the business strategy (multiple strategies) and it’s just not working for you…

If you’ve already invested in business coaching (more than once) and you still don’t have the results…

Then you don’t need more information or to learn yet another new funnel system.

And you don’t need to cram yourself (and your business) into a pre-designed business course or container that, well, just doesn’t feel like the right fit. (Square peg, round hole syndrome…)

Business strategy is NOT the only reason you aren’t seeing the abundance and impact you want to see in your business.

It goes deeper than that.

And if you keep focusing on tactics, strategy, and chasing online trends that everyone else is doing (emulation syndrome…), you’ll continue to hustle, struggle, and watch others living your dream from the sidelines.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, your business is about more than just making money.

Your business is connected with who you are as a person – it’s your soul’s purpose in this world.

Even if you have the knowledge, the strategy, and you’re damn good at what you do…

If your mindset, nervous system, and deep-rooted beliefs & narratives aren’t all working together to support the embodiment of who you wish to become

You’ll probably find that your business feels hard, it feels like work, and you wont have the clients, impact, and abundance that you desire.

Hi, we’re Davy and Tracy!

We have been serial entrepreneurs since 2008.

That’s when we successfully navigated our escape from the 9-5 life and into a life of living our purpose.

And then we turned our passion for green smoothies and natural health into a six-figure/year business.

While launching successful ecommerce and service-based side-gig businesses.

And we’ve spent years supporting coaches all around the world in a variety of niches.

We have supported our clients through a variety of major shifts in their lives and business through spiritual and shamanic life coaching, energy healing, and nature-based modalities that support mind, body, and spiritual wellbeing.

And now we’re offering a limited time opportunity for you to get some clarity on the obstacles you’re facing with your own spiritual business…

And we want to help you identify what you need to do next to finally bridge that gap between your soul’s purpose and the abundance and impact you dream of having with your business.

We invite you to click or tap the button below to fill out an application for a free Clarity Call.

Once you fill out this brief form, you will be given the chance to book a 30-minute Zoom call with us.

The purpose of this call is to get you clarity and help you identify your next steps, whether that means working with us or not.

Davy and Tracy are so helpful, highly knowledgeable, and clearly invested in helping people.

They kept me on track with my goals. In just 30 days, I was able to stay focused on my intention (thanks to the journal) and launched my website and am now in the next phase of my business.

Lindsay G.

“Thank you for playing a part in helping me believe this was possible for me.

I run a robust Ayurvedic weight loss online coaching business, and I just created and launched my first e-course last month. It’s going really well and I’m obsessed with the freedom lifestyle! Thank you for being a part of my entrepreneurial journey!“


Davy and Tracy are certified soul care practitioners and spiritual life coaches with a focus on witchy, druidic, and shamanic healing & empowerment modalities.

Tracy is also a certified guided image therapist and reiki master, specializing in meditation and energy healing.

They have served clients in health & wellness, business development, and spiritual/life coaching since 2010.

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