Unleash Your Inner Magic

Embody Your True Self & Live Your Soul Purpose while Navigating Life’s Challenges

We might be a great fit to work together if you identify with any of the following:

  • You desire support and encouragement in navigating major changes in life (while stepping into who you were meant to be),
  • You wish to merge the magical with the mundane to shift what no longer serves you in your life right now,
  • You desire support with setting and following through with your goals,
  • You are a spiritual entrepreneur desiring both abundance and impact with your business,
  • You are struggling with navigating the uniquely challenging issues of midlife (balancing your desires & dreams with the demands of a career, being a parent, etc…) while working toward your own goals as well,
  • You desire help in finding your purpose, as well as gentle encouragement and support to step into what that is,
  • You practice (or are interested in) an Earth-centric spirituality (pagan, witch or witchy, druid, shamanic, etc…).

If any of the above resonate with you, we invite you explore working with us.

Here are a few options to get started:

โ€œDavy and Tracy are so helpful, highly knowledgeable, and clearly invested in helping people.

They kept me on track with my goals. In just 30 days, I was able to stay focused on my intention (thanks to the journal) and launched my website and am now in the next phase of my business.โ€œ

Lindsay G.

To explore working with us 1:1, click or tap the button below to fill out an application for a free Clarity Call.

Once you fill out this brief form, you will be given the chance to book a 30-minute call with us.

The purpose of this call is to get you some clarity on the obstacles you’re facing, and a clear, actionable direction forward (whether that means working with us or not.)

Tracy and Davy do an excellent job outlining how to create intentional goal setting with natural cycles of the moon and earth.

They guide you through the journey on how to perform your own reflections and rituals that connect your mind, body, and spirit to be fully aligned with your intentions and move your life forward.โ€œ

Michele L.

Davy and Tracy are certified soul care practitioners and spiritual life coaches with a focus on witchy, druidic, and shamanic healing & empowerment modalities.

Tracy is also a certified guided image therapist and reiki master, specializing in meditation and energy healing.

They have served clients in health & wellness, business development, and spiritual/life coaching since 2010.

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