Black Tourmaline Properties & How I Work With It

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline, also called schorl, is one of my favorite crystals. While it is not as brightly colored as other stones, it is still shiny and interesting to look at.

I have two pieces of black tourmaline in my collection. One is a large, raw chunk (pictured above), and the other is a small river-tumbled stone.

Black Tourmaline Meaning & Properties

Black tourmaline is my go-to stone when I am experiencing anxiety, stress, or tension.

I think of black tourmaline as an “energy sponge” that draws tension, fear, anxiety, stress, an other negative feelings out of my body and surrounding environment, keeping me light, free, and focused.

Black tourmaline is also said to shield you from other’s negative energy. If other people’s moods are pulling you down, or you feel like you are getting caught up in other people’s negative energy, a piece of black tourmaline can help shield you from their energetic influence.

Sometimes, I imagine black tourmaline creating a protective bubble around me, preventing external energies from permeating it and knocking my own off kilter.

You can also use black tourmaline as an energy equalizer that brings down negative energy and boosts positive energy in a space.

Some people work with black tourmaline to transfer negative thoughts/emotions into positive ones. I generally use selenite for that, but black tourmaline is also a good stone to use as well.

When I hold my black tourmaline stone, I feel a sense of power and strength. It’s a great stone to carry with you or wear if you are going into anxious or fearful situations, are feeling stressed, or work/live around people where the energy feels scattered or tends toward negative.

It’s the ultimate protection stone for empaths.

One other thing I like to use black tourmaline for is to keep me clear and focused, and remove distractions.

I will often set my large piece of black tourmaline at my desk when I am working to balance my energy, and keep me focused on the task at hand.

For some people, black tourmaline can help them create change in their lives, ending bad habits and shifting into a new direction.

How I Work With Black Tourmaline

I use black tourmaline in several ways. They include:


I meditate with most of my crystals, and black tourmaline is one of the ones I use most frequently for this purpose.

When meditating with a crystal, I focus on its metaphysical properties. You do not need to believe that stones have magical abilities (I’m a skeptic, myself), but associating generally accepted meanings or metaphysical properties to stones can act as a focal point to reflect on how you want to embody these characteristics in your life.

This is a form of “placebo magic” that I’ve been experimenting with. While I don’t believe that stones and crystals necessarily have “magical” abilities, I have found that using my imagination to attribute these sort of benefits to crystals have a positive effect.

When I meditate with black tourmaline, I “breathe out” stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, and self-doubt into my stone. I imagine that the stone is absorbing this negativity and removing the tension from my body and mind.

Pretty soon, I feel much more calm and grounded. When I am finished, I run the black tourmaline under the faucet to “wash away” the negativity, cleansing and purifying the stone.

You can also smudge the stone with sage or cedar.

Energy Sponge

When my environment feels chaotic or stressed, I place a black tourmaline nearby and imagine that it is soaking up negative energy.


I use black tourmaline in my tarot practice. I will sometimes set out a piece of black tourmaline when I do a reading to help me feel grounded and focused.

Mindfulness Rituals (Particularly for Stress/Anxiety Relief)

Black tourmaline is my companion when I am doing a mindfulness ritual – particularly for stress or anxiety relief.

I either hold it while I drink a calming tea, or I imagine it pushing away anxious thoughts and worry, clearing space for more focused energy.

Corresponding Energies For Black Tourmaline

When working with black tourmaline, I also use:

Black Candles – Black is often believed to be a protective color that either absorbs negative energy, or acts as a shield against it.

Lighting a black candle while working with black tourmaline helps me amplify the effects of my meditation, or the energy of the stone.

Essential Oils – When working with black tourmaline, I use cedarwood or frankincense essential oils. Both of these essential oils are great for helping me feel calm, alleviate stress, and help me clear my mind and focus on the present moment.

Lavender essential oil can also be used with black tourmaline in mindfulness or stress-reduction meditation or rituals.

Tarot – I like to work with certain tarot cards while also working with crystals.

Two cards that I use with black tourmaline include The Hermit and Death.

The Hermit card is a card of inward reflection and soul-searching. Drawing this card and placing it near black tourmaline can help you reflect on the root causes of anxiety, fear, stress, and self-doubt in your life – and on what you need to do to change it.

Black tourmaline gives you the focus and strength to face your “gremlins” head on, and create a plan of action to conquer them and rise above negative self-talk.

Pair black tourmaline with the Death card can help you process endings in your life, and deal with the fear and anxiety that come with change.

For “black tourmaline readings” using either the Death or Hermit cards, simply pull the card out of your deck and lay it down. Then draw 2-3 additional cards at random for the message that either card has for you.

Sample tarot spread for black tourmaline. Deck is the Radiant Wise Spirit by Lo Scarabeo

Herbs – The herbs I work with when using black tourmaline is sage (to ritualistically cleanse and purify it), cedar (for its soothing aroma), and lavender (for its calming, stress-relieving effects).

Animal: Black Bear – As far as animal correspondences to black tourmaline, I’d have to go with the black bear.

Not much will mess with a full-grown black bear, and black bear mothers are fierce guardians of their cubs.

Their power and protective nature aligns with the generally accepted attributes of black tourmaline.

Additionally, black bears hibernate during the winter when the temperatures are cold, food is scarce, and times are tough. Black tourmaline is a great stone to use when facing tough times, and when you need to take time out for self-care.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Another form of black tourmaline that I love is Tourmalinated Quartz. This is clear quartz with “threads” of black tourmaline crystals running through it.

I use this beautiful crystal combination when I need clarity about the source of fear, stress, anxiety, or self-doubt in my life, or if I need to ferret out what is draining my energy.

I attribute clarity with clear quartz, which amplifies black tourmaline’s ability to draw out negative thoughts and emotions, allowing you to effectively work through them and make lasting changes in your life.

Do YOU Work With Black Tourmaline?

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