Green Kyanite – A Self-Care Crystal For Hard Times & Using Nature To Heal

Green Kyanite

I recently acquired my second green kyanite stone from my favorite crystal shop.

I already had a small tumbled green kyanite, but this larger flat stone called out to me and I had to get it. I also love these flat stones because they slip so nicely into a pocket.

What was it about green kyanite that spoke to me?

First, I have an affinity for green stones – jade, epidote, aventurine, fuschite, rainforest rhyolite, etc… The color green represents nature, and connection to the earth, so when I pick up and hold a green stone, I feel connected to the Earth’s healing, verdant energy.

Secondly, kyanite – especially green kyanite – is a high-vibration stone that is said to alleviate depression and give hope in dark times.

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It helps balance mind, body, and spirit, helping you shift your energy into a more positive space so you can take action to change or improve your circumstances.

Green can also represent abundance – particularly financial abundance and wealth.

Green kyanite is often described as a stone of personal growth, helping one find their voice and see into the hearts of others.

I find it an excellent stone to use when you are doing self-care rituals outdoors or in natural settings. Or you can use it to connect to nature’s energies when you feel cut off from them (while working in a high-rise office building, for example).

I always carry green kyanite with me when I am working in the garden, working with herbs, or spending time in nature as I feel it enhances the regenerative power of being in a natural setting.

Green kyanite is said to align with the Heart Chakra. While I don’t follow Eastern spirituality, nor do I work with “chakras”, I still use this information to bolster my work with the crystal in matters of the “heart and soul”.

How I Work With Green Kyanite

I work with crystals in several different ways. Here’s how I use green kyanite:


My favorite way to work with stones and crystals is through meditation. I simply hold the stone in my hands and focus my attention on it.

It helps me remember that I am part of something much, much bigger than any obstacle, fear, or upset that threatens to disrupt my life. It helps me gain a greater perspective.

I pull out my green kyanite when I feel stressed, anxious, or depressed. I take deep breathes and feel its calming, green energy.

I imagine that the green, verdant energy of the Earth radiates through this stone, permeating my mind and body with strength and nurturing reassurance.

I spend a few minutes reflecting on the metaphysical properties of the stone, and dwell on the particular benefit I want to get from it.

You do not need to believe that the stone has “magic” powers. The goal is not to sit back and wait for the stone to do all of the work for you (it wont).

Instead, reflect on the benefit you want to get from the stone, and imprint that intention onto it.

Carrying my green kyanite reminds me to take moments to be in nature, and practice self care. It is the ultimate self-care crystal, and I keep it on me at all times.


Another way I use crystals, like green kyanite, is like a talisman. I carry my flat stone in a shirt or pants pocket and imagine its energy permeating my body.

I might imagine that that stone holds the peaceful, calming energy of my garden. Or I imagine that the stone is a direct connection to the nurturing energy of Mother Earth/Gaia.

You can also wear a green kyanite crystal pendant, or place a tumbled stone into a cage necklace.


Some crystals lend themselves to scrying, and for some green kyanite stones (like my flat stone), it is an excellent scrying tool.

Crystal scrying is simply the act of starting at a stone or crystal, and letting the patterns or shapes caused by the imperfections of the materials inspire insights or ideas.

Scrying focuses your attention while removing unwanted thoughts and inducing a state of relaxation.

You can either ask a question, or simply scry and let your intuition and inspiration run with the images that you see.

Corresponding Energies For Green Kyanite

When working with green kyanite, I also use:

Green Candles – The color green is associated with prosperity and abundance, so if you are using green kyanite while setting intentions for abundance, you can also burn green candles.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Eucalyptus essential oil is one of my favorites. The aroma gives me a sense of calm and renewal, but also gives me a sense of being in a green, jungle-like setting, making me feel more connected to nature.

Combining eucalyptus and cinnamon oil together makes an aroma similar to that of US dollars, so this scent combination can be used when journaling about, visualizing, reciting affirmations, or setting intentions around finances, career, or business.

Tarot – I like to work with certain crystals when I use tarot, and when I reach for my favorite tarot deck, I also grab my green kyanite flat stone!

Because green kyanite is closely associated with Earth energies, it makes sense to me to use an Earthy tarot deck like Herbal Tarot, Wild Unknown, Spiritsong Tarot, Druidcraft Tarot, or any overtly Earth-based decks. (PS: These are Amazon affiliate links. Thanks for your support!)

Green Potted Plants – Because green kyanite is associated with the element Earth, I usually keep my green kyanite near houseplants. I like to think that my crystal boosts plant vitality and health, while the plant’s energy cleanses and charges the crystal.

Herbs – Depending on what I am working with green kyanite for, I may incorporate the burning of dried, aromatic plants such as white pine (abundance/financial/business), cedar (general cleansing/healing/self-care), or mugwort (intuition/dreams).

Animal (Lizard) – Lizards are known for their ability to lose and regenerate their tails if attacked by a predator. Because of this, lizards are survivors who can adapt to upsets and trauma in life, while harboring the ability to regenerate.

While we don’t have the limb-regenerating abilities of lizards, our bodies have the ability to heal. Our minds have the ability to heal. Our spirit has the ability to heal and regenerate.

We have the ability to regenerate what is broken or missing in our lives.

Do YOU Work With Green Kyanite?

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