Orange Calcite – The Stone Of Joy, Creativity, & Sensuality

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is one of my favorite stones. It’s a chunk of petrified, happy sunshine!

Plus, I LOVE the way that calcite feel in the hand. They are not only pretty to look at, but soothing to hold.

Orange Calcite Meaning & Properties

Orange calcite is a stone of creativity, optimism, and joy.

Orange calcite is said to cleanse the energy of a room – releasing stuck, negative energy and replacing it with positive, uplifting vibes.

It’s also said to promote optimistic thinking and looking at problems in a new way. Some people use it while working through past traumas that have been holding them back.

While this is purely subjective, I find that the overall mood of a space is brighter when I place my fist-sized chunk of orange calcite nearby. It’s bright orange color helps put me in a positive mental space and reminds me to think on the bright side.

Orange calcite is said to boost creativity, so I often place it near me when I am working on creative projects like writing fiction or making art.

Orange calcite can also help you align your thoughts and feelings with abundance and prosperity.

A piece of orange calcite looks like a chunk of juicy, vitamin C-rich orange. Because of this, this stone can help you stick to health-related resolutions.

Place a piece on your kitchen table, or on your kitchen counter, to remind you to make healthier choices, eat more fruits and veggies, make a green smoothie, or simply eat an orange!

Orange calcite is associated with the sacral chakra that governs the emotional body, creativity, and sensuality.

How I Work With Orange Calcite

I work with orange calcite several ways. They include:


One of my favorite ways to work with crystals is to hold them (or focus on them) while I meditate.

When meditating with orange calcite, I imagine that a positive, joyful energy is radiating outward from the stone.

When journaling or reflecting on a situation, orange calcite helps me focus my thoughts on positive outcomes. It helps me look for the lessons in setback or failure, as well as the possible benefits.

I find that orange calcite (and most calcites, for that matter) can be effective when you need to calm down or curb anxiety and worry. Their smooth texture lends itself to being used as a “worry stone.”

When I’m feeling stressed or low, I take a few deep breathes, and exhale – imagining that I am breathing out stress, worry, and negativity. I then imagine that my orange calcite is dissipating it.

When I breathe in, I imagine that I am breathing in positive, joyful, uplifting energy to replace the stress, worry, and anxiety. Often, I imagine that this positive energy is an orange light.


When my environment feels chaotic or stressed, or it’s just a dark, gloomy rainy (or wintery) day, I place a large chunk of orange calcite near me to brighten the space (and my mood).

Winter/Summer Solstice Rituals

Orange calcite is a wonderful representation of the sun, and can be used on a solstice altar to represent that fiery energy of the return of the sun during Winter Solstice (Yule) or the abundance of the summer sun during Summer Solstice (Litha).

Work/Life Balance

I keep a chunk of orange calcite by my computer when I work to remind me to inject some fun and play into my work.

It’s also there to remind me to balance my work with things that give me joy and pleasure – that there is more to life than just work.

Support New Habits

I often use orange calcite when I am starting (or trying to stick to) new habits. It helps me focus on the joy of the outcome when the struggle to continue makes me want to stop.

Place it where you are trying to perform the habit (in the kitchen or at the table for health/diet habits, for example).

Corresponding Energies For Orange Calcite

When working with orange calcite, I also use:

Orange Candles: The color orange is associated with joy and positive energy, so when meditating with orange calcite, I also like to light an orange candle.

Lighting an orange candle while working with orange calcite helps me amplify the effects of my meditation, or the energy of the stone.

Essential Oils: When working with orange calcite, I use sweet orange essential oil. You can also use tangerine, lemon, and bergamot.

Tarot: I like to work with certain tarot cards while also working with crystals.

Two cards that I use with orange calcite are The Sun and 10 of Cups.

The Sun card embodies the youthful, carefree, joyful energy of orange calcite. The 10 of Cups is another tarot card that I associate with orange calcite as it depicts a fulfilled, happy life.

Herbs/Plants: Oranges are a natural choice to amplify your work with orange calcite. Either drink a green smoothie with oranges, or dry some orange slices to use for potpourri.

As for herbs, drink tea made with lemongrass or lemon verbena.

Keep a potted orange-scented geranium to get that aroma of an orange grove any time you want.

Orange daylilys (Hemerocallis fulva) are a great companion plant when working with orange calcite.

Animal: Two animals that I associate with orange calcite are Fox and Monarch Butterfly.

While Fox is sometimes thought of as a clever trickster, they are also smart and find solutions to problems.

The Monarch butterfly consumes milkweed (Aesclapias sp.), a plant that is toxic. However, the caterpillar (and eventually, butterfly) transmutes this toxicity from it’s early life into something beautiful and protective.

The orange color of the Monarch butterfly protects it from predators, but also uplifts and brings joy to people who watch these butterflies flutter through their gardens.

Do YOU Work With Orange Calcite?

If you are as much of a fan of orange calcite as I am, leave a comment below and tell me how you work with it?

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