Rose Quartz Meaning & Properties

Rose Quartz Meaning & Properties

I recently picked up a large chunk of natural rose quartz. It was my first real crystal purchase.

Davy has been collecting and working with crystals for some time, but I am relatively new to it.

Now that I am learning Reiki, I am drawn to crystals and using them to enhance my practice.

Rose Quartz Meaning & Properties

Rose quartz is the stone of love. It has a calming, soothing energy.

However, it’s not just a stone for romantic love. It’s a stone that works for any type of love – family, friends, and others.

Rose quartz can also help you foster self-love and acceptance.

It’s a self-esteem booster while working through body image issues.

One way that people work with rose quartz is to help heal from a broken heart, or to release pent up feelings of anger, frustration, betrayal, or other negative emotions toward someone they love (or where there was once a loving relationship).

Rose quartz can help you work through these emotions and arrive at a place of forgiveness and peace – whether or not you ultimately end up mending the relationship.

How I Work With Rose Quartz

There are a lot of ways Davy and I work with crystals. Here is how I work with rose quartz:

Boost Loving Energy

In Feng Shui, the relationship or love corner of a home (or room) is in the furthest, right-hand corner from the main entrance.

If you are a follower of Feng Shui, place a large piece of rose quartz in this part of your home or bedroom to boost the loving energy in the space.

Displaying rose quartz in a prominant place in the home or bedroom, or on your altar, can help remind you to stop and take a few moments to practice self-love.

It can also remind two partners to spend a little time each day appreciating each other, and not take each other for granted.


Meditation is one of my favorite ways to work with crystals.

When using rose quarts, or any crystal, hold it in your hand, take some deep breaths, and reflect on the metaphysical properties of the stone.

Picture the stone radiating warm, pinkish light that flows through your body. Imagine the person you love sitting across from you and appreciate them for who they are.

Or you can direct this meditation toward self-love – listing off things that you love about yourself while you practice shifting negative self-talk into positive.

Also, you don’t have to necessarily believe that stones and crystals have magical powers.

However, Davy and I have found that attaching meaning and metaphysical properties to stones can serve as a powerful way to shift your energy, support new habits, and remind you to, for example, practice self-love, every time you see or pick up a chunk of rose quartz.

Corresponding Energies For Rose Quartz

When working with crystals, I like to incorporate other energies into my rituals such as:

Pink or Red Candles: Pink and red are colors often associated with the heart, love, and passion.

When working with rose quartz, light a pink or red candle to enhance your work on self-love, romantic love, or love of family and friends.

Essential Oils:  A couple essential oils to use when working with rose quartz include rose (of course!) and lavender.

Tarot: I like to work with certain tarot cards while also working with crystals.

The Lovers is the obvious choice, as is the two of cups.

If you are healing from heartbreak, the 3 of swords is a good card to work with.

When working with specific tarot cards, I like to lay the card down in front of me and then lay a 3-card spread under it so that the spread relates to the card I am specifically working with.

Another option is to lay your specific card in front of you (for example, The Lovers), and then place a card before (past influences) and after (future/outcome/current issues).

Allow the cards to spark intuitive insights, or ask specific questions as you lay down any additional cards.

Herbs/Plants: Rose, bleeding heart, and lavender.

Animals: To me, doves are a symbol of love.

Chakra: Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra.

Pair Rose Quartz With: Clear quartz (to amplify), apache tear (for heartbreak), fire opal (to fire up passion).

Do YOU Work With Rose Quartz?

If you also work with rose quartz, leave a comment below and tell me how you work with it?

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1 thought on “Rose Quartz Meaning & Properties”

  1. I was given a piece of rose quartz at an event for birthmothers (women who have placed children for adoption), and we had a solemn ceremony remembering our children. Since then, I have purchased a larger chunk of rose quartz and always think of my daughter when I use it. Rose quartz connects me to her, even though she is being raised by someone else. I also use rose quartz in spells to connect to my husband.

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