Incredible Smoothies Is Now!

New Name

Way back in early July, 2009, Davy and I launched a green smoothie recipe blog called Incredible Smoothies.

Incredible Smoothies has been a HUGE part of our lives for the past 8 years.

We spent month after month working 10-12 hour days, 7 days each week to write content, make connections, and build the best green smoothie and natural health blog that we could.

After I got laid off from my job back in 2010, Davy and I decided that we’d dedicate our lives to our up-and-coming website, and by January 2011, Incredible Smoothies became our life’s work.

I know this might sound weird to some of you reading this, but if any of you have ever created a passion-based business – or a project of any kind – you know that it becomes like a child to you.

We loved our website. We especially loved our readers, our customers, our fans – many of which stuck with us since the beginning!

Eight years is a LONG time to revolve your entire life around a single subject (green smoothies), and that’s one of the reasons why Davy and I have decided to take a bold leap and evolve our website.

We sincerely hope that you will continue to follow our adventures as we expand our focus beyond green smoothies.

Why The Name Change?

Simply put, Davy and I have felt constrained by the Incredible Smoothies name for quite some time.

After eight years and well over 500 recipes created, we decided that we really wanted to start writing about other topics that we are passionate about.

We considered starting up a sister website, but it would cause us to feel spread too thin.

We both felt that we could either operate one phenomenal website, or two mediocre ones, and neither of us want to be stretched so thin that our best efforts would yield mediocre results.

We also considered just writing about other topics as Incredible Smoothies, and we have done this over the past seven months. But we felt that having “smoothies” in our name held us back. We felt like we were writing off-topic content on a smoothie site.

We both felt pulled in the direction of just re-branding our website.


Naming a website is HARD! It’s hard to find a great name. It’s hard to find a great name that isn’t already taken.

Plus, we didn’t want a company name getting between us and our readers.

We felt that knocking down this barrier and just putting our names on our blog would feel more authentic. Plus, it would give use freedom to take this website in any direction we wanted.

So we chose

What Will Happen To All Of Our Recipes & Smoothie Info?

Nothing! We will not delete any of our recipes or health content. It’s all still here on our website.

While we may share the occasional green smoothie, or an awesome recipe that we both adore, this will not be the focus of our blog anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, we are both still passionate about green smoothies. My Vitamix still breaks the silence every single morning to whip up a delicious, healthy blend of fruits and greens.

It’s just that we don’t want to be smoothie bloggers anymore. There is so much more that we want to talk about!

What Topics Will We Focus On Now?

Our new focus is on mental, emotional, and spiritual healing through nature magick.

This is really an extension of our work over the past decade.

Specific topics for our website going forward will included:

Ultimately, our mission is to empower people to heal themselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually though connecting with nature.

What’s Coming Next!

We are both super-excited about all of the awesome, new content that we are working on!

We’re really excited about this, and can’t wait to take you all on our adventures, and share our insights on a variety of topics.

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  1. CONGRAT TO YOU👍, Still hope to see Smoothie Recipes, I have never actually tried them, lol, however, have been following, hoping they can help Me with a 20ish lb weight loss, sooooo needed to feel better overall and ease back issues👍😇✌

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