The Best Blenders For Making Smoothies (For Any Budget)

Choosing the best blender can feel overwhelming. There are so many models to choose from and prices are all over the place. Buying a blender should be fun and exciting, not stressful!

I wrote this page to help simplify the process of choosing your next smoothie blender.

The blender models that I recommend on this page are ones that I’ve used myself.  

Since we’ve blended thousands and thousands of green smoothie recipes over the past decade, we’ve used a LOT of blenders a LOT of times –  so my recommendations are based on my personal experiences and using them in a higher-than-usual capacity.

Here are the 3 top features I look for when shopping for a smoothie blender:

  • Powerful Motor (1000 watts or better!)
  • Good Warranty (5+ year recommended.)
  • Large Pitcher (40 oz or larger.)

Okay, let’s get down to finding the best blender for your needs!  

Our Top Choice:  The Vitamix!

Our absolute favorite blender is the Vitamix.

Based on our decade plus of smoothie blending, we feel that the Vitamix is THE best blender for absolutely liquefying anything you put into it. It is the ultimate green smoothie blender!

With a 7-year warranty and a reputation for longevity, a Vitamix will be the cornerstone of your healthy kitchen for years to come.

You can also make hot soups, nut butters, sauces, and so much more!

There are a LOT of different Vitamix blender models out now, and it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing to figure out which one you should get.

Simply put, you won’t go wrong with whichever model you choose.

We started with the  classic Vitamix 5200, which is their most affordable model, and it blended many, many of the recipes on our website.  

Now we have the 780 model, which features a touch interface, upgraded motor, and redesigned pitcher.

A Vitamix is an investment, with prices generally starting at around $450 USD, but it is well worth it, and you’ll likely have this blender for the next decade or so!

Another option is to look for a Certified Reconditioned Vitamix, which you can get for under $300, but still comes with a generous warranty.

Affiliate Disclosure: The links on this page are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase a blender using the links on this page, our website will earn a small commission. Thanks for your support.

Best Runner Up: Blendtec

Blendtec also makes high-performance (typically 1500-watt or greater) blenders that are comparable to Vitamix as far as blending silky smooth green smoothies.

These blenders became famous when the company founder created a series of YouTube videos demonstrating how these blenders can pulverize garden rakes, golf balls, and iPhones.

Blendtec blenders typically come with an 8-year warranty.

I’ve used their classic Total Blender to make the green smoothies on my website from 2009 until I moved to a Vitamix in early 2012.

I have also used their Designer series blender and they are wonderful as well.

Vitamix vs. Blendtec:  Which Is Better

You can’t really go wrong with either blender brand.  After using both for years, my preference leans slightly toward the Vitamix because:

  • It’s just slightly quieter,
  • The blenders (and pitchers) are more versatile out of the box due to the Vitamix tamper that comes with the blender.

Best Travel Blender: The NutriBullet

The NutriBullet is not anywhere near as powerful as a Vitamix, but it can do something that a Vitamix cannot – fit in your carry-on luggage!

Yep, I love the strange looks I get from TSA when I fly with my NutriBullet (and I’ve never been told that I can’t take it on a plane).

It’s also more convenient to throw it in a bag and take it on the road with me when I’m driving.

While it would never replace my Vitamix for daily use, the NutriBullet is my travel companion.

Ultimately, the best blender is the one that helps you drink a daily green smoothie. 

So whether you are ready to upgrade to a Vitamix or you are simply looking for something better than your grandmother’s 20-year old blender, the important thing is to make delicious green smoothie recipes!

You can do that in any blender!

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: The links on this page are affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking them. Thanks for your support!

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