The Best Time Of Day For A Green Smoothie

The Best Time Of Day For A Green Smoothie

When is the best time of day to drink a green smoothie?

That’s a question I get a lot. The simple answer is “anytime”

However, I highly recommend starting your day with a green smoothie – making it the first food you eat (or drink) in the morning.

There are specific health reasons for this, which I will outline below. But I also believe that drinking a green smoothie first thing in the morning helps to support mental and spiritual health as well. It’s a great mindfulness practice.

I like to incorporate my green smoothie into my daily Magick Morning ritual. My smoothies are more than just health blends – they are spiritual blends made with intention and energy!

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Why Breakfast?

Breakfast is by far the best time of day to drink a green smoothie, especially if you are only going to drink one smoothie per day. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First of all, a green smoothie starts your day off on a healthy note. If you make a large green smoothie meal, then you should be satisfied until lunch, with sufficient protein and calories to stave off mid-morning hunger.

The fresh fruit that you used will also satisfy your sweet tooth, making that donut or sugary muffin much less tempting.

Secondly, no other breakfast is as jam-packed with naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. I’ve found that after having such a health breakfast, I am much more motivated to make healthier choices throughout the day.

Finally, I am a big proponent of practicing some sort of mindfulness or spiritual practice in the morning to start your day.

Green smoothies are an excellent option for brewing up magical potions imbued with intention to help me reflect on and tackle the goals for the day.

What About Lunch?

Lunch is the next best time of day to drink a green smoothie. If you don’t start your day with a green smoothie, then let green smoothies rescue you from a less than stellar lunch.

When lunch time rolls around, you may find yourself pressed for time (lunch breaks are short!) so you’ll need something quick and easy.

Unfortunately, quick and easy usually means a frozen, packaged lunch “freshly” zapped in the break room microwave.

Or you’ll be tempted to hit up the nearby fast food joints.

Green smoothies are a quick and easy lunch solution for when you are at work. You can blend it up at home and keep it cool in a refrigerator or in an insulated container.

Maybe you can even petition to have a blender placed in the lunch room at your place of work (I’ve heard from some readers who are fortunate to have a blender sitting next to the microwave at work).

Make sure you add protein and fiber rich foods to your lunch green smoothie to fill you up and keep you satisfied throughout the day. Having a green smoothie for lunch will also give you a natural burst of energy, fighting off the dreaded afternoon slump.

Why A Green Smoothie For Dinner Is Not The Best Idea

Of course, you can have a green smoothie for dinner. Drinking a healthy green smoothie loaded with fruits and vegetables is always a great idea. If you have the willpower, great, enjoy your dinner smoothie!

While I used to drink a green smoothie with dinner (sometimes I had it for dinner), I don’t anymore.

I lack the willpower to have a green smoothie when everybody else is enjoying a “proper” dinner. When it comes to dinner time, I am easily persuaded to go out to dinner or enjoy something other than a green smoothie.

I also like sitting down at the table with my family and eating dinner together. Being super strict about what I eat during the most social part of my day is isolating. Plus, making dinner together with my husband and son is bonding time.

Having a green smoothie for dinner may also cause gas and bloating, especially if your lunch or mid-afternoon snacks were regular meals.

The reason for this is that green smoothies digest efficiently and rapidly. A heavy meal at lunch or a fatty afternoon snack could still be working its way though your digestive tract, holding up your green smoothie and causing gas.

The last and final reason I don’t drink a green smoothie for dinner is that I lost an additional five pounds (I lost a total of 40 pounds) simply by switching my dinner smoothie for a breakfast green smoothie.

My dinners are usually healthier than the breakfast I was starting the day with. So by skipping the cereal (or muffin, bagel, etc…) for breakfast and drinking a smoothie, and then eating a healthy (whole foods, plant-based) dinner, I optimized my diet, finally losing those last few stubborn pounds.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Time Of Day For A Green Smoothie”

  1. I am so glad for all you web site info about Smoothies, it has changed my way’s of thinking at first and then once I have started to do the Green Smoothies it is now starting to change all of me from Health to being a better me. So thanks!!!
    I do a green Smoothie for Breakfast and its Great! I have started my 1% journey and it feels great!

  2. Tracey;
    I’ve been drinking the smoothies now for 3 years. I am not 100% though as I average 5 per week. Still it has really change the way I eat. I am 68 and diabetic. I change the smoothies a bit so I end up with 2 servings and refrigerate 1/2 for the next day. There has been times when I travel to visit family and friends and am unable to bring everything on an airplane so that is the reason my average is 5 per week. I am not a heavy person but have lost 28 pounds and keep it off even when I am off the smoothie diet traveling. Thank you so much for all you have done for me.

  3. LoneWolfArcher

    Ron, do you put protein powder into your smoothie? Just a note about storing a portion if you do. Most protein powders are meant to be consumed within 30-45 minutes of mixing them with liquid. Just an FYI. If you don’t use a protein powder then you should be fine. If you do, you might want to add it after you separate your portions for storage.

  4. I have been drinking green smoothies for a while now but just stumbled across your website. I love it! I will be traveling soon and unlike you will not be taking my nutrabullet along with me. Do you have any suggestions of a green smoothie mix/powder that I can purchase and just mix with water during my travels? Thanks

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