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Tap into your true potential and overcome the stressful demands of modern life that make you feel lost and disconnected from the real you.

Have fun and recharge while showing up more balanced, self-loving, and truly joyful in your career, your relationships, and your life.

Does This Feel Like You?

You are drowning in the demands of daily life, completely out of sync with who you truly are and how you actually want to experience life.
You feel trapped in the clutter, chaos, and stress of daily life, and you just can’t muster up the energy to fix it.
You want to do moon rituals or participate more in your magickal practice, but you just feel too unfocused, exhausted, and drained to even light a candle.
Maybe you’ve heard about others manifesting their dreams with the power of the moon, but you have no idea how, or maybe you have tried but it hasn’t worked for you.

I could sort-of picture the person I wanted to be – spiritual, present for my family, experiencing a deep connection to nature, the moon, and having the power to effortlessly manifest the life I truly wanted for myself and my family.

But that most definitely was NOT me…

Instead, I felt exhausted by demands and trapped in an unbalanced life.

I was caught in a cycle of overwhelm, stress, and worry.

Instead of being a confident manifester of my dreams, I didn’t even have the energy to play with my son, go for a run, let alone make time for my own spiritual path.

I felt like a failure as a wife and a mom.

I felt like a spiritual failure.

I felt tethered to the endless cycle of to-dos, other people’s energy, and the stress, worry, and demands of daily life.

Every single day, the same cycle played out – the stress, overwhelm, and having to give everything of myself for my family, my career, with nothing left over for me.

My energy was depleted before I even finished my morning coffee.

Forget carving out time for mindfulness, journaling, or living a connected, spiritual life.

I felt completely powerless to do anything about it.

You are probably reading this thinking I could be writing your story. It’s a struggle… and it’s real!

But your struggle doesn’t have to be permanent. Mine wasn’t.

There are two simple things you need to master right now if you want to release stress, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, and imbalance in your life.

1) Live In The Present Moment

First, you need to develop the skill of centering yourself in the present moment, on demand, whenever you want,

2) Shift Your Energy On Demand

Once grounded in the present moment, you will be able to shift your mental, emotional and spiritual energy in less than 5 minutes – whenever you want.

If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of time ruminating on the past or focused on concerns (worry) about the future.

If you can learn to snap your attention into the present moment whenever you want, where you are fully conscious and aware, then you can draw your power and your inner wisdom to manifest what you want in your life.

The present moment is where gratitude happens.

It’s where you connect deeply with your loved ones.

It’s where you experience the joy of a sunset, or a child’s giggle.

It’s where you take the first leap toward manifesting big, bold adventures and dreams.

Once grounded and centered in the present moment, you can then tune into your inner guidance system.

You’ll be able to hear the wisdom of your higher self.

You will be able to set powerful intentions that radiate your powerful energy out into the Universe so that dreams and wishes become manifested in reality.

If you can master centering yourself in the present moment, as well as being able to shift your energy on demand, you absolutely will experience less stress and overwhelm in your life.

You will manifest things into your life with much less struggle and sacrifice.

You will finally gain control of your mental programming – so that you will no longer be a slave to your negative past narratives, or future worry. You’ll activate your true power.

It sounds simple. Stupidly simple. But most of us struggle with it.

It was hard for me, and that’s why I was caught in a cycle of stress, exhaustion, and disconnection for so long…until I discovered the power of following moon cycles and practicing herbal magick.

Manifesting became easy, fun, doable, and powerful.

Working with the moon’s natural cycle, and supported with herbal and crystal magick, helped me get clear on exactly what I want in life, clear space to make room for it, release what I needed to let go of, and then manifest it with ease and flow.

Welcome to Lunar Balance!

Lunar Balance is a 28-day, self-guided program that takes you through a full lunar cycle.

We will guide you through instantly creating peace of mind, confidence, focus, and balance in your life.

You will also learn how to shift your energy, manifest what you want in your life, and feel more grounded and connected.

We do this through:

Simple daily rituals that take less than 10 minutes, so you can fit them into the most hectic of schedules,
Thoughtful journal prompts that tap into your inner wisdom, aligning your conscious and subconscious desires for more powerful insight and manifestation abilities,
Energy healing modalities designed to help you take charge of your energy, and be able to shift from negative to positive whenever you want,
Step-by-step mindfulness techniques that ground you into the present moment, and out of past and future worry/stress,
Meditation exercises and breathwork to boost your energy so that you can feel excited to do the things you love.
Guided inner work to help you get crystal clear on what you want and what you need to release in order to bring a higher level of spirituality, alignment, and balance to your life.

Lunar Balance teaches you how to integrate your spirituality so that it becomes a synergistic part of your daily life.

Two powerful benefits of Lunar Balance is that it helps ground you to the present moment and gives you the tools to shift your energy on demand.

Following the cycles of the moon helps you feel more connected to yourself, your power of manifestation, and those you love.

Here’s What’s Included With Lunar Balance:

The Four Core Phases

Lunar Balance is divided into four core Phases, which follow the four key phases of the moon.

They include:

  • New Moon: Intention Setting,
  • First Quarter Moon: Overcoming Obstacles,
  • Full Moon: Gratitude and Celebration,
  • Third Quarter Moon: Releasing/Letting Go, and Setting Boundaries.

These four Phases guide you through an entire 28-day moon cycle, and can be done at any time, during any moon cycle, whenever you want.

Each Phase Includes:  A guided lesson and nature magick ritual with what to do and say and intentions to set for each moon phase.

Virtual Lunar Balance Oracle Deck

This online moon oracle “deck” is available in the dashboard.

Simply click a card back image to display a random moon oracle card (created by us).

Each card provides a keyword and focus for journaling, meditation, and herbal/crystal magick.

Daily Morning Meditation Ritual

We provide a simple, daily ritual to start your day grounded, focused, and empowered.

Don’t worry – this ritual can be done in just 5 minutes!

We also include a beautifully illustrated, printable weather & element correspondences guide, lunar astrology & keywords guide, and moon phases & meaning guide so you can immerse yourself in powerful self-care without having to Google search the meaning of everything!

All of the keywords and correspondences are at your fingertips for quick and easy reference.

The Lunar Balance Journal

The Lunar Balance Journal is your daily guide through the moon phases, describing each phase in detail.

There are also in-depth prompts to help you track how your thoughts and emotions change with the moon phases so you can better understand yourself and really see where you can make changes.

The journal is a fillable PDF so you can journal digitally from a tablet or computer. It can be printed as well.

Access To Live Chats

Throughout Lunar Balance, we will do live chats and post recorded videos that focus on energy healing and breathwork that corresponds with the current moon phase.

You can either join live calls via Zoom or access the recorded calls in the dashboard.

Three Workshops

Three online workshops are included in Lunar Balance so you can learn more about boosting the energy of the moon with crystals, herbal magick, and energy healing.

  • Herbal Moon Magick teaches you how to work with our top herbs for lunar manifestation, overcoming obstacles, and creating balance.
  • Crystal Moon Magick teaches you how to incorporate your favorite crystals and stones to amplify manifestation abilities, destress, and energetically heal.
  • Lunar Energy Healing & Breathwork teaches you to shift your energy into the present moment and toward a place of abundance and gratitude.

Private Facebook Group

We also provide a private, members-only Facebook group for participants to seek support, encouragement, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded, spiritual people.

*Lunar Balance is a ONLINE-ONLY program. Get instant access on all of your electronic devices. The materials are fillable digital PDF’s or you can print them at home. You will not be mailed anything via postal mail.

Join Lunar Balance!

Sign up for Lunar Balance right now to get early access for just $97 (USD).

The program officially launches on the New Moon in Leo on August 8 (2021), with new content and all three workshops added over the next four weeks.


Let the moon guide you toward overcoming stress, worry, and the energy-depleting demands of modern life so you can feel whole, connected, and excited about your life!

Still Have Questions???

Q: Will Lunar Balance work for me?

A: Lunar Balance isn’t a quick fix “pill”. You will need to do some work, and take responsibility for setting intentions, boundaries, and doing the inner work that is necessary to manifest the life you want.

That being said, we created Lunar Balance to fit within even the most hectic life. Most rituals take only a few minutes.

The Lunar Balance journal is approachable and fits any journaling style (even if you’re a non-journaler like me).

There are no complicated rituals, or tools needed – just an open mind and a willingness to do some guided energy work – even if it may take you out of your comfort zone.

Q: Does Lunar Balance follow a specific spiritual path or tradition?

A: Lunar Balance is for everyone, regardless of path.

We incorporate elements of lunar astrology, herbal/crystal magick, and Reiki and energy work. We do not reference specific deities or spiritual paths/traditions.

Anyone can incorporate Lunar Balance into their spiritual path, and incorporate unique elements of their path into Lunar Balance.

Q: What if I can’t make the live calls?

All live calls and chats will be recorded and accessible through the Lunar Balance dashboard or in the members-only Facebook Group.

Q: Is the Lunar Balance Journal available in print, or do I need to download and print myself?

The Lunar Balance Journal is currently only available as a downloadable PDF. You can get it printed and bound for just a few dollars at places like Staples.

There is also a “fillable PDF” version of the Lunar Balance Journal so that you can journal right from a tablet device or computer.

Alternately, you can refer to the prompts in the Lunar Balance Journal, and then write your responses in your favorite notebook.

Q: What if I want to start Lunar Balance, but it’s before or after the New Moon?

You can definitely start Lunar Balance at anytime during a moon cycle.

Instructions will be provided for starting Lunar Balance while you prepare for the next Lunar Cycle.

Q: Do I need any specific tools (i.e.: crystals, herbs, spiritual tools)?

No, Lunar Balance is designed so that anybody can follow it with the materials they have on hand.

Davy & Tracy Russell

About Davy & Tracy Russell

Tracy is a certified spiritual life coach and reiki master.

She has a passion for energy healing, working with moon phases, and nature magick.

Davy is an avid gardener, herb-crafter, and he’s working toward his herbalism certification.

Together, they created DavyandTracy.com and their own line of ritual kits, oils, and magickal tools under Moon & Leaf Apothecary.

They currently live along the banks of the Mohawk River near Halfmoon, New York.

Join Lunar Balance Today!

Sign up for Lunar Balance right now to get early access for just $97 (USD).

The program officially launches on the New Moon in Leo on August 8 (2021), with new content and all three workshops added over the next four weeks.


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