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Learn a magickal practice that helps you connect to the phases of the moon so you can:

Set powerful intentions that will get manifested,
Move through obstacles and resistance,
Celebrate & find joy in the present moment,
Break free and release what no longer serves you.

What is Lunar Balance? 

Lunar Balance is designed to unlock your inner magickal potential by connecting you to the spiritual wisdom in the lunar cycle, and the healing energies of herbal and crystal magick, to strengthen your manifestation abilities and your connection to your true self.

So that you can show up more balanced, self-loving, and truly joyful in your career, your relationships, and your life.

Does This Feel Like You?

You KNOW that tuning into the lunar cycle has tremendous mindfulness benefits, and keeps you on track with your goals.
You KNOW that crystals poses a palpable energy that amplifies intentions, meditation, and self-care.
You KNOW that herbs are healing – not just for your body, but your mind and soul!
The demands and stress and chaos of daily life suck the wonder and energy right out of you

Being spiritual can be challenging.

At the end of an 8-hour workday, or when the kids are going bonkers when you just want quiet – carving out time to even look at the moon can be overwhelming.

If you’re like me, you have a bookcase full of witchy books on herbs, crystals, the moon – just sitting there, unread.

Perhaps you have crystals scattered throughout your house and a dusty clump of brownish herbs hanging in a forgotten corner.

In short, you KNOW that you are a beautiful, awesome, magickal being put on this Earth for a purpose.

You might KNOW that mindfulness, moon phases, herbal & crystal magick can completely transform your life.

But knowing isn’t enough.

It’s time to shift from knowing to doing – wishing to taking action.

It’s time to try a doable practice that allows you to integrate spirituality into your day-to-day life…no matter how busy, demanding, or chaotic it may be!

Lunar Balance is a guided path through a full moon cycle.

Guidance, rituals, a journal, an oracle, a community – turn a desire to be magickal into actually making magick in your day to day life!

How Lunar Balance Will Change Your Life:

The Lunar Balance Journal with Four Guided Video Lessons

The Lunar Balance Journal promotes guided inner work to help you get crystal clear on what you want and what you need to release in order to bring a higher level of spirituality, alignment, and balance to your life.

You will learn how to connect with the wisdom in the lunar cycle to:

  • Set powerful intentions that actually get results,
  • Move through obstacles with less effort, stress, and worry,
  • Promote gratitude and abundance-mindset, creating more joy and balance in your life,
  • Release things that no longer serve you while setting boundaries that protect your energy.

** The journal is a fillable PDF so you can journal digitally from a tablet or computer. It can be printed as well.

A Simple, Daily Morning Meditation Ritual

Also included is a simple, daily ritual that takes less than 10 minutes! We show you exactly what to do and guide you through the process,

We include energy healing modalities that are designed to help you take charge of your energy, and be able to shift from negative to positive whenever you want.

You also have access to printable, illustrated reference sheets that put keywords, meanings, and correspondences at your fingertips for quick and easy reference during journaling and rituals.

Virtual Lunar Balance Oracle Deck

We created a beautifully illustrated virtual oracle deck exclusively for Lunar Balance.

This deck brings together the phases of the moon, herbal and crystal correspondences, as well as energy-boosting affirmations.

Use the cards as a focus for journaling, meditation, and to add an extra layer of meaning to your morning ritual without having to look up a bunch of correspondences and meanings.

Three Workshops

Three online workshops are included in Lunar Balance so you can learn more about boosting the energy of the moon with crystals, herbal magick, and energy healing.

  • Herbal Moon Magick teaches you how to work with our top herbs for lunar manifestation, overcoming obstacles, and creating balance.
  • Crystal Moon Magick teaches you how to incorporate your favorite crystals and stones to amplify manifestation abilities, destress, and energetically heal.
  • Lunar Energy Healing & Breathwork. Step-by-step mindfulness techniques that ground you into the present moment, and out of past and future worry/stress. (Coming soon!)

Live Moon Rituals

Community is everything!

Join us for live moon rituals that include energy healing, checking in with the current astrological sign and meaning, rituals that correspond to the current moon phase, and connect with other participants.

You can either join live calls via Zoom or access the recorded calls in the dashboard.

Private Facebook Group

We also provide a private, members-only Facebook group for participants to seek support, encouragement, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded, spiritual people.

*Lunar Balance is an ONLINE-ONLY program. Get instant access on all of your electronic devices. The materials are fillable digital PDF’s or you can print them at home. You will not be mailed anything via postal mail.

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Still Have Questions???

Q: Will Lunar Balance work for me?

A: Lunar Balance isn’t a quick fix “pill”. You will need to do some work, and take responsibility for setting intentions, boundaries and doing the inner work that is necessary to manifest the life you want.

That being said, we created Lunar Balance to fit within even the most hectic life. Most rituals take only a few minutes.

The Lunar Balance journal is approachable and fits any journaling style (even if you’re a non-journaler like me).

There are no complicated rituals, or tools needed – just an open mind and a willingness to do some guided energy work – even if it may take you out of your comfort zone.

Q: Does Lunar Balance follow a specific spiritual path or tradition?

A: Lunar Balance is for everyone, regardless of path.

We incorporate elements of lunar astrology, herbal/crystal magick, and Reiki, and energy work. We do not reference specific deities or spiritual paths/traditions.

Anyone can incorporate Lunar Balance into their spiritual path, and incorporate unique elements of their path into Lunar Balance.

Q: What if I can’t make the live calls?

All live calls and chats will be recorded and accessible through the Lunar Balance dashboard or in the members-only Facebook Group.

Q: Is the Lunar Balance Journal available in print, or do I need to download and print myself?

The Lunar Balance Journal is currently only available as a downloadable PDF. You can get it printed and bound for just a few dollars at places like Staples.

There is also a “fillable PDF” version of the Lunar Balance Journal so that you can journal right from a tablet device or computer.

Alternately, you can refer to the prompts in the Lunar Balance Journal, and then write your responses in your favorite notebook.

Q: What if I want to start Lunar Balance, but it’s before or after the New Moon?

You can definitely start Lunar Balance at any time during a moon cycle.

Instructions will be provided for starting Lunar Balance while you prepare for the next Lunar Cycle.

Q: Do I need any specific tools (i.e.: crystals, herbs, spiritual tools)?

No, Lunar Balance is designed so that anybody can follow it with the materials they have on hand.

Davy & Tracy Russell

About Davy & Tracy Russell

Davy is an intuitive reader helping people gain clarity and insight into their life using the wisdom of plants, animals, crystals, the moon, tarot, and oracle cards.

Tracy is a certified spiritual life coach and reiki master helping others through energy healing to tap into the present moment and create a place of peace and harmony.

Together, they are magickal herb crafters creating products from their own garden to help people connect to nature on a spiritual level.

They currently live along the banks of the Mohawk River near Halfmoon, New York.

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