Lunar Magick Journal

Reconnect To The Magick Within!

Do you long for more wonder, magic, and joy in your life?

But instead, the day-to-day chaos of life sucks the magic right out of you?

Do you feel drained, tired, and frustrated because you don’t have the time to take care of you?

Perhaps you feel caught between two different worlds – the messy mundane world that drains your energy and the magical world that refuels you.

But you haven’t figured out how to make both worlds mesh together so you can feel aligned and grounded in your own life day-to-day.

And you feel drained, tired, and frustrated because you don’t have the time to take care of you.

If any of this sounds like where you are at right now, then you’ll love Lunar Magick!

Introducing … Lunar Magick!

The Lunar Magick Journal is a guided path through a full lunar cycle (28 days).

Lunar Magick helps you align with the moon as a powerful spiritual ally in your life.

Through my guided journal, additional meditations, and mindful movement practice, you’ll tune into the lunar cycle as a roadmap to provide structure and support as you navigate the ups and downs of your daily life.

During the next lunar cycle, you will awaken your inner wisdom so you can fully embrace your magic and create positive change in yourself, and the world.

You already have magic within you.  Lunar Magick is the spark that lights it up!

Reconnect to your own magic and activate your joy. Come alive and experience the magic right now.

Through the Lunar Magick Journal, you will be supported in clearing space so you can think clearly and allow your higher self to be heard.

We use energy work and mindful movement to guide you on how to shift your energy so you can manifest balance, joy, peace, and magic in your day-to-day life.

This helps you respond to people in a positive, spiritually aligned way instead of reacting out of anger, stress, frustration, or overwhelm.

Throughout the 28-day lunar cycle, you will be encouraged, supported, and empowered to be a magical being or witch so you can make connections and shifts that feed your spirit, and switch from fear of being judged to self-confidence.

Lunar Magick helps you cultivate joy, happiness, and magic in your daily life.  As a result, you will see opportunities more clearly. You will operate from a place of power, able to navigate your own life with clarity and intention.

Your intentions become manifested because you elevate your frequency to tune into how to create what you want in life.

Tracy is a certified spiritual and mindfulness life coach and reiki master helping you through energy healing and movement to tap into the present moment and create a place of peace and harmony.

Davy is a holistic healer and intuitive reader helping you gain clarity and insight into your life using the wisdom of plants, animals, crystals, the moon, tarot, and oracle cards.

They gaze at the moon and tend their large herb garden from the banks of the Mohawk River near Halfmoon, New York.

Let the moon awaken your inner wisdom so you can fully embrace your magic and create positive change in yourself and the world.

What You Get:

Lunar Magick comes with everything you need to connect to the phases of the moon, including the:

  • The Lunar Magick Journal (printable or fill-able) that uses powerful prompts that guide you through a transformational journey,
  • Approachable meditations that center you in the present moment so you can feel calm, cultivate balance, release and let go (so you can receive.)
  • Mindful Movement meditations that incorporate mindfulness with movement to direct energy flow and shift your focus,
  • BONUS: Get a second journal – the Lunar Magick Manifestation Journal – that is focused on manifestation and creation!

** Please Note:  This is a download-only product.  You will have lifetime access to both journals to print or use electronically, as well as all meditations, videos, and supplemental material.  Nothing will be shipped to you. **

Praise For Lunar Magick


Davy and Tracy are so helpful, highly knowledgeable, and clearly invested in helping people. I highly recommend it!

“In just 30 days, I was able to stay focused on my intention (thanks to the journal) and launched my website and am now in the next phase of my business.

I love the journal for keeping me grounded and focused on my intentions.

Lindsay G.


“…a rich and fulfilling program that anyone would benefit from.”

“I love the components and how the videos, knowledge, personal experience, and worksheets come together to create the entire experience.

Tracy and Davy do an excellent job outlining how to create intentional goal setting with natural cycles of the moon and earth. They guide you through the journey on how to perform your own reflections and rituals that connect your mind, body, and spirit to be fully aligned with your intentions and move your life forward.

Michele L.


“Your journal is fabulous!”

“The videos and journals kept me on track and working with the moon phases.
It made me appreciate what is going on around me and how it impacts my energy.

Melody K.


The journal is super thorough

“My first impressions of the journal are that it’s super thorough and an amazing way to synthesize the information you are teaching while emphasizing self-reflection.”

Emily C.

Still Have Questions???

Q: Does Lunar Magick follow a specific spiritual path or tradition?

A: Lunar Magick is for everyone, regardless of path. It is especially suited, however, for those who are more nature-centered in their spiritual path.

We incorporate elements of lunar astrology, herbal/crystal magic, and energy work. However, we do not reference specific deities or spiritual paths/traditions.

Anyone can incorporate the themes and ideas in Lunar Magick into their spiritual path, and unique elements of their path into Lunar Magick.

Q: Is the Lunar Magick Journal available in print, or do I need to download and print myself?

The Lunar Magick Journal is currently only available as a downloadable PDF. You can get it printed and bound for just a few dollars at places like Staples – which is honestly less expensive than if you were to purchase a printed/bound journal through us.

There is also a “fillable PDF” version of the Lunar Magick Journal so that you can journal right from a tablet device or computer.

Alternatively, you can refer to the prompts in the Lunar Magick Journal, and then write your responses in your favorite notebook.

Q: What if I want to start the Lunar Magick journal, but it’s before or after the New Moon?

You can definitely start using Lunar Magick at any time during a moon cycle.

You can begin at the current moon phase, or catch up if you are close enough to a new moon.

If you choose to go through the Lunar Magick Manifestation Journal (a second journal included with this bundle), it begins at the New Moon.

Q: Do I need any specific tools (i.e.: crystals, herbs, spiritual tools)?

No, Lunar Magick is designed so that anybody can follow it with the materials they have on hand.

Get Lunar Magick Today!

Get immediate access to Lunar Magick right now for just $35 (USD).

You will get access to two downloadable moon journals, our meditation library with both audio and video meditations, as well as printable worksheets to help you connect and understand the moon’s energy and how it influences your life.

This is not a subscription. This is a one-time payment that includes lifetime access to all materials for just $35 USD.


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