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Herb Bundles for Smoke Cleansing


Availability Notice:  Our ritual herb bundles sell out faster than we can make them.  We are always creating more in small batches, so check back and we’re sure to have new ones available soon!

Mugwort & Oil Kit

Mugwort & Oil Bundle

$10.00Only 4 Left!


These mini Mugwort smoke cleansing bundles are made from our own, home-grown Artemisia vulgaris that grew in our riverside garden in Upstate NY.

Mugwort is used for enhancing dreaming, divination, and intuition.  Mugwort is also associated with the moon, and is the perfect herb to use in moon rituals.

Also included is a 10-ml bottle of organic Mugwort-infused sunflower oil in a 10ml roll-on bottle.  Simply roll on this body oil before ritual or bedtime to connect with the lessons and assistance of Mugwort.

Size:  Approximately 5 inches long, 1 inch thick.  Oil comes in a 10ml bottle.

Catmint Herb Bundle

Catmint Smoke Bundle w/ Smoky Quartz Point

$10.00Only 1 Left!


Catmint (Nepeta sp.) is a wonderful herb for smoke cleansing.  It has a sweet aroma, and produces beautiful smoke. 

Catmint promotes peace, contentment, love, harmony, and calm.

These bundles are wrapped with blue and white thread and tied with a smoky quartz point.  Then they are finished with either a sun or a moon charm

Size:  Approximately 7-8 inches long, 1 inch thick.

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Disclaimer:  Our products are for ritual purposes only, and are not to be ingested.  Please research these herbs prior to use – especially if you have an existing medical condition, or are pregnant or nursing.