Cedar/Pine & Mugwort Smoke Wand 2 Pack with Candle


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This smoke cleansing kit features two smoke wands and a hand-poured soy wax candle scented with essential oils and finished with crystal chips.
This kit features:
  • 1 cedar and pine smoke cleansing wand (6-7 inches long, 1+ inch thick) from our home gardens. Cedar is a cleansing, uplifting herb that promotes harmony, positivity, purification, and protection. White pine promotes tuning into your inner wisdom while promoting prosperity.
  • 1 mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) smoke cleansing wand (6-7 inches long, 1 inch thick) from our riverside mugwort patch. Mugwort is used for protection and sanctification. Mugwort can also be used during moon rituals, or to boost intuition while working with tarot/oracle/runes/etc.
  • 1 hand-poured soy wax candle in glass votive holder scented with essential oils (either peppermint-sage or lavender, depending on availability). Crystal chips may include moonstone, amethyst, and sodalite.
As always, we recommend that you practice smoke cleansing with caution. Always hold a flame & heat-resistant container under the smoke wand when in use.
Use in a well-ventilated area (ie: open the windows!), and never use any smoke wands around children, pets, or those with compromised respiratory systems.


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