Moon Oil – 10ml Roll-On Bottle


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Our Moon Oil is crafted with intention to help you connect to any moon phase.

We harvest Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) from our river-side gardens near Halfmoon, New York and infuse it in organic sunflower seed oil for a full moon cycle.

It is then bottled in 10ml glass roller bottles with a moonstone chip and Mugwort leaf.

Mugwort is a magickal herb that is associated with the moon, intuition, dreams, and divination.

Use Moon Oil during any moon phase to align with the current lunar energy, assisted by the intuition-boosting properties of Mugwort.

Moon Oil can also be used before bed to promote dream work and to gain insights while dreaming.

Moon Oil can also be applied to your third eye and temples before reading tarot, casting runes, or any divination practice.

Please Note:  Our Moon Oil is for external use only.   It contains sunflower seed oil, which may be an allergen to certain individuals.





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