New Moon Organic Loose Leaf Tea

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Trust the magic of new beginnings with this new moon tea blend!

Moonlight white, peony, and butterfly pea flower come together for a magical tea that brews blue green and changes to purple when you add lemon.

Ingredients: Moonlight white tea, peony, butterfly pea flower.

Contains caffeine.

Net weight: 2.75 ounces (77 grams).

This is a loose leaf tea.  Check out these witchy loose leaf tea strainers and tea balls to help you make the perfect cup!

1 review for New Moon Organic Loose Leaf Tea

  1. Jen

    White tea is essentially the unopened buds of new shoots of the tea plant so the flavor and aroma of this tea is very delicate and light with a slight floral aroma. The new moon offers us a time to set intentions for the month ahead and this tea is the perfect accompaniment to any ritual for getting those ideas and goals on paper that you’re ready to put into motion. Because the flavor is delicate, I recommend drinking this tea hot but not right off the boil. I poured the water into a glass (Pyrex) measuring cup to sit for about 15-20 seconds or so before pouring into my tea pot to steep. Also, the color from the butterfly pea flower is beautiful so I highly recommend drinking this tea from a clear glass (heat-safe) cup for maximum enjoyment!

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