Sage, Lavender, & Cedar Smoke Cleansing Bundle


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Our classic smoke cleansing bundle is made with our home-grown lavender, sage, and cedar (Thuja sp.) to produce a wonderful smelling, all-purpose smoke cleansing wand.

Sage is used for clearing negative energy and cleansing a space, object, or person.

Cedar is protective and promotes peace and happiness.

Lavender is calming and promotes balance.

Each smoke cleansing bundle is about 8 inches long and at least an inch thick.  They are tied with purple and white cotton thread.

A clear quartz crystal and pentacle charm amplifies its protective energy and helps focus your intention.

Smoke Bundle with Lavender, Sage, & Cedar

Crystal and pentacle charm.


* Please Note:  These smoke bundles are made in small batches with seasonal herbs.  They may use a variety of different sages or lavenders, depending on what we have available to harvest.  Your smoke wand may vary from what is pictured, but what you see above is a good representation of what you will get.

** Caution:  Watch out for falling embers when using smoke bundles.  Keep a heat-resistant tray or dish under the smoke bundle while using it.


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