Spell Bottles (Protection, Calm, & Moon)



These delightful, glass spell bottles are the perfect addition to your altar, or anywhere you need some herbal/crystal magic vibes to boost energy and direct intention.

We stuff 10ml glass, cork-topped bottled full of our own home-grown herbs, crystal chips, and reiki energy, then seal in all of the goodness with organic soy wax.

The three types of spell bottles we have are:

  • Moon:  Salt, lavender, sage, mugwort, chamomile, yarrow, satin spar/selenite, moonstone, amethyst, moon charm.
  • Protection:  Salt, lavender, sage, juniper, cedar, calendula, black tourmaline, satin spar, tiger’s eye, pentacle charm.
  • Calm: Salt, lavender, chamomile, St. John’s wort, eucalyptus, black tourmaline, sodalite, red jasper, lotus charm.

How To Use Spell Bottles

Moon Bottle:  Place on your altar, or set it out to absorb the energy of any moon phase.  This spell bottle can help amplify your new moon intentions.  You can also charge it under the full moon to boost your ritual workings.

Protection Bottle:  Place on your altar to promote peace and harmony in the home.  Place by an entrance to protect against negative energy entering.

Calm Bottle:  Place on your altar to promote peace and calm in your home.  Place it near your bed to promote restful and peaceful sleep.  Put it on your desk at work to help ease stress and promote calm.

Please Note:  The dimensions of these spell bottles are 2-inches by .75 inches – 10ml.

Caution:  Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Spell Bottle

Moon Bottle, Protection Bottle, Calm Bottle, 3-Pack Spell Bottles


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