Yule Smoke Bundles


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These delightful herbal smoke bundles are perfect for the Yule season.

Cedar, white pine, and our own, home-grown white sage are wrapped with red and white thread, and bundled together with a clear quartz crystal and pentacle or sun charm.

Cedar represents purity, positivity, life.

White pine represents prosperity and peace.

White sage is purifying and restores balance and harmony.

Clear quarts helps facilitate clarity of intention, and are perfect for setting intentions for Yule, the new moon, and the coming year.

You can use the Yule Smoke Bundle during December, or use it during the 12 days of Yule beginning at the Solstice on December 21.

Either way, be sure to place the quartz crystal at or near an east-facing window the night before the winter solstice to catch the first light of the rising sun.  This will charge the crystal with powerful, manifestation energy to boost to your intentions.

Each Yule Smoke Bundle is about 8 inches long, and about an inch thick.



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