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Lose 12-25 Pounds In 4 Weeks Without Starving, Counting Calories, Or Feeling Deprived

Ditch the diet drama, amp up your confidence, and break free from deprivation, guilt, and low energy!

How many times have you doubled down on eating healthy, losing weight, and getting fit - only to have your resolve dissolve into takeout, a skipped workout, and frustration over eating this and not that?

How frustrating is it to lose a few pounds, and then plateau?  Or worse, you gain it all back and then some!

Have you given up on your weight loss goals because cravings always get the best of you?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sluggish and self-conscious?  Are you tired of being the "fat friend", or the most awkward person at the gym?

You don't have to count calories, log your food into your phone every time you take a bite, or eat bland, joyless food the rest of your life!

And you certainly don't need diet pills, questionable supplements, starvation, or 4 hours of intense cardio each day!

Ditch the fad diets and transform your health with: 

Delicious, cleansing green smoothies that supercharge your body and facilitate weight loss with lasting results! 

Delicious, gourmet tasting meals that are easy to prep and they didn’t take long to actually cook!

Easy-to-make and super-delicious snacks to beat cravings

Tracy Russell, Creator of Reset 28

Hi!  I'm Tracy Russell.  Since 2009, I have coached thousands of people toward amazing transformations in their health and fitness.

But there was a time when I struggled to become healthy - just like you are right now.  

I was more than 40 pounds overweight.

My cholesterol was elevated and flagged as "high" on a blood test that I had at age 23.

I realized that instead of another diet, I had to embrace new habits. That's when everything finally clicked.

I was finally free to embrace my transformation, without struggle, anxiety, or feeling deprived.

Here I am before and after my 40-pound weight loss fueled by green smoothies and plant-based, whole foods!

Through embracing green smoothies and a plant-based, whole foods diet, I lost 40 pounds, lowered my cholesterol by 45 points, cleared up my skin, and boosted my energy levels.  

And I'm not the only one who has seen amazing results!

I have helped thousands of other men and women just like you do the same!

What is the "magic" of green smoothies and plant-based, whole foods? 

Why is this diet and lifestyle step so transformative?

Weight Loss 

Research consistently shows that people who follow plant-based diets tend to have lower body weights.

Plant-based whole foods are naturally lower in calories, but higher in fiber. No more counting calories, logging food into your phone or computer every time you take a bite!

Boundless Energy

Green smoothies and plant-based, whole foods are nature's energy sources.  

They optimize your body's function while helping you maintain hormone balance, recover from stress, and have the energy to tackle anything that comes your way. I no longer feel like I need to nap constantly throughout my day!

Chronic Disease Prevention

The overwhelming body of medical evidence shows that diets that are higher in fruits and vegetables, as well as high-fiber, plant-based foods, correspond to a lower risk of chronic disease - including cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, auto-immune disorders, and a whole host of modern plagues.

Eating more plants and less processed foods is critical for good health.

Reduce Inflammation

Did you know that certain fruits and vegetables reduce inflammation? 


The right green smoothie recipes can have a dramatic impact on chronic health complaints.

Support Gut Health

The fiber in green smoothies feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut, which improves digestion, nutrient absorption, and supports a stronger immune system.

Emerging research is now showing that our gut microbiome has a much greater impact on our health than we ever realized!

Detox & Cleansing

Not all green smoothies are created equal. Find out which specific ingredients are water-rich, high fiber, and jam-packed with nutrients that support your body's ability to detox and cleanse - without nasty detox symptoms!

Get Your Confidence Back

Green smoothies and whole foods were the key that unlocked my confidence!  With a slimmer body and more energy, I felt that I was able to take on any challenge!

Reduce Bloat & Improve Digestion

All of my green smoothie recipes digest easily, and because they are blended, nutrient absorption is highly improved.  This means that your digestive system doesn't have to work as hard. 

Get your bowels moving properly and get rid of the bloat!

Balanced Mind!

What you fuel your body with also fuels your brain!  Green smoothies and whole foods give me better focus, better mental stamina, a feeling of being more level-headed, and reduced brain fog (all of which are caused by poor diet.)

“...so impressed with your program and how easy and quickly it works.”

I couldn’t feel any better and am so impressed with your program and how easy and quickly it works. I fit into my wedding dress that I wore almost 30 years ago (another one of my goals). Many people comment about how I don’t look my age!! I love it!!"

-- Shelly / Grand Rapids, MI, USA

“I finally feel I am making diet changes I can maintain for the rest of my life!”

“This morning I had the best smoothie! So far, I am loving it! So enjoying this program, I finally feel I am making diet changes I can maintain for the rest of my life! So far I have already lost 13 pounds. I can’t believe it! I’m so glad I started Reset 28 and I’m finally getting healthy! :)”

-- Kairi Saffron

“The recipes are so good I will continue to make them whether on the plan or not.”

“You know what I like best about this plan? The recipes are so good I will continue to make them whether on the plan or not. The bad thing is, my family, not on the plan, wants to eat all my food! Made the Mexican rice tonight, superb!!!”

-- Karen Littlewood

So now that you know what a plant-based diet can do for you, what will you do with this knowledge?

Will you continue to struggle to eat right, but fall off the wagon when cravings hit?

Will you continue to struggle against weight loss plateaus, or fluctuating metabolism caused by yo-yo dieting?​

Will you keep wishing that you could be that vibrant, energetic, healthy version of yourselfthat you KNOW is locked up inside you somewhere?

"One day or day one. You decide." - Unknown

I am going to ask you to make a commitment right now, because you are worth it.

Sure, you can go ahead and hit the back button, or swipe away to somewhere else.

But then nothing will change. You will still be in the same situation that brought you to this page to begin with.  

Tomorrow will be more of the same - and next week, next month, next year.

Or - you can decide right now to take a different path - one that puts YOU front and center.  

You can decide right now to unleash the healthy, vibrant version of yourself that you always wanted to show the world.

It all starts with a "yes," and a commitment on your part to embrace a new path.  A path that has helped thousands of other people just like you find boundless energy, shed excess pounds, and fuel their passion for life. 

Green Smoothies + Plant-Based, Whole Foods = Celebrate Your Victories Every Day!

But you don't have to do this alone...

Davy & Tracy Russell, Creators of Reset 28

My husband, Davy, and I have dedicated our lives to helping people transform their lives.

That's why we created a special place on our website that is only for people like you who have decided to leap toward transformation.

We created a no BS health coaching program that not only teaches you step-by-step how to eat for optimal health, but how to reconnect with yourself so that you can relieve stress and anxiety to feel more joy and self confidence.

We are handing you the blueprint to optimal health - full meal plans, shopping lists, time saving prep tips for busy people, weekly focuses to help you change the way you look at food and view your body.

We are here to cheer you on and hold your hand if you need it!

But Reset 28 is more than just a diet and nutrition program.  Each of the four weeks coaches you through a process of:

  • Changing your mindset to develop a positive relationship with food,
  • Reconnecting with yourself so that you can relieve stress and anxiety to feel more joy,
  • And cultivating optimism and happiness in your life so that you can spend more time doing what you love

All you have to do is bring your ambition and follow the easy steps.  

And eat delicious food!

Reset Your Health is a new beginning!

When You Join Reset Your Health, You Will Gain Instant Access To: 

The Reset 28 Program For Energy & Weight Loss

The Reset 28 Program for Energy & Weight Loss details the exact strategy and meal plan that my clients have used to lose up to 25 pounds, boost energy, and improve all areas their health and confidence in just 4 weeks with green smoothies and plant-based, whole foods.

I've also included a delicious, simple-to-prepare 4-week meal plan with recipes for every meal and convenient grocery shopping lists.

You will learn how to:

  • Maximize weight loss, reduce stress, improve sleep, and get the most out of Reset 28.
  • Eliminate cravings with healthy, satisfying whole food alternatives.
  • Handle detox/withdrawal symptoms (and learn what they really mean).
  • Save time on meal prep so that you can eat healthy no matter how busy you are.
  • Plus, there's an FAQ section with detailed answers to the most common questions I get from participants.

PLUS These Valuable Bonuses!

BLEND features simple and delicious green smoothie recipes to help you look and feel healthier, lose weight, reduce bloat, and have more energy

You get 10 days of simple, inspired green smoothie recipes to help you cleanse when you feel like you need an extra push after holidays, birthdays or simply to get back on track. 

You will also get access to a whole bunch of exclusive, member-only green smoothie and plant-based recipes, plus exclusive access to my 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge, and Smoothie Bowl Challenge.

I've made it easy to navigate a healthy, plant-based diet with additional recipes, inspiration, and ideas.

Everyone's favorite - veggie taco salad! Yum!

Green smoothie meals facilitate weight loss and rev up your energy levels!

Decadent snacks that feel like dessert but melt away the muffin top!

Transform Your Life With Reset Your Health!

You will have access to THE best green smoothie & plant-based cleanse on the planet that has helped thousand of people just like you lose 12-25 pounds in 4 weeks without starving, counting calories, or feeling deprived.

The meal plan, recipes, grocery lists, support, motivation, and effective strategies for losing weight and boosting energy is all included, and is yours forever with just one low payment of $97 $47 USD - that's 50% off!

Your Payment Is 100% Secure! | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


Praise For Reset Your Health

“I have lost 16.5 pounds...I am SHOCKED!”

I have lost 16.5 pounds as of this morning. I am SHOCKED! I am NEVER hungry and I do not feel deprived. I am ecstatic!!! I cannot get over how much I am enjoying what I eat/drink.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for the knowledge you have shared. You continue to inspire and help me expand my food choices for the better!”

 -- Linda Boylston-Bookstein (Boston, MA, USA)

“My total weight loss is 23 pounds!”

“I have done both [Reset 28 and Reset 28 Extended] and finished today. My total weight loss is 23 pounds!"

-- George Fernandes

“I have lost 11 pounds and I feel great!”

Tracy, you have helped me to change my life for the better. Based on information I have learned from you (I purchased your complete program), I have lost 11 pounds and I feel great!

I was one of those people who was worried about how my sugar would react to the smoothies since I am diabetic type 2. After the smoothies, my 1 hr and 2 hr blood sugar measurements never increased by more than 20 points over the before smoothie level. That’s amazing!"

 -- Deb Connor (Timberlake, NC, USA)

Access The Reset Your Health Suite Of Products On All Your Digital Devices

Since the Reset Your Health bundle is digital only, you can access it on all of your electronic devices!

Pursue Your Best Life With Reset Your Health!

Unlock your true potential with my four week program that shows you how to take charge of your health, claim a slimmer, more energetic body, and unleash your full potential.

The meal plan, recipes, grocery lists, support, motivation, and effective strategies for losing weight and boosting energy is all included, and is yours forever with just one low payment of $97 $47 USD...that's 50% off!

Your Payment Is 100% Secure! | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

More Praise For Reset Your Health!

“I am down by 10 pounds!”

I am down by 10 pounds in 30 days. I was pleasantly surprised as to how full I felt after having the green smoothies…

I have gotten more fruits and veggies in my diet in the last month than I have in a long time. I have been looking for a way to move towards a more plant-based diet, and this has most certainly helped me to start it.“

 -- Heather Morrill

“...my pants went from 'not too flattering' to 'easy to zip'”

I lost about 8 pounds in three weeks – I was gauging more by pant size and my pants went from ‘not too flattering’ to ‘easy to zip’! You do great work!

 -- Sarah Sawinski

“Just started week 3 and I'm down 9 pounds!”

Just starting week 3 and I’m down 9 pounds! Can’t wait for lunch today with the veggie taco salad, I think it’s my favorite! I'm feeling great and inspired to lose even more weight and get healthier!

 -- Leanne Wards

“I've lost 17 pounds so far...My energy level is way up...I am excited about my future health.”

“I am now three weeks into Reset28. Here's what I think: Wow!

Not so much because I've lost 17 pounds so far and I can see my wrists again, and my arms are skinnier, and I can see past my belly, but because I have actually CHANGED my way of eating.

I have learned how to cook a totally yummy meal that is filling and has no sugars or unhealthy carbs.  I am no longer a meat and potatoes eater. I no longer see vegetables as an addition to my meal, but as the main course of my meal.

My energy level is way up (my daughter pointed out that I've not taken a nap in three weeks!).

I feel better than I have in years. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I love my new life!

Thank you Tracy Russell!!“

 -- Faithe Thomas

Common Questions

Will I Lose Weight With Reset Your Health?

What If I Don't Need To Lose Weight?

How Do I Stick To The Reset Meal Plan If I Also Cook For My Family?

How Does Reset Differ From Other Cleanses?

Is Reset Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Etc?

I Am Diabetic, Can I Still Do Reset?

What Payment Methods Are Available?

Is My Payment Secure?

Is This A Subscription?  Or A One-Time Payment?

Is There A Satisfaction Guarantee?

A New You In 28 Days!

Gain immediate access to THE best green smoothie & plant-based cleanse on the planet that has helped thousand of people just like you lose 12-25 pounds in 4 weeks without starving, counting calories, or feeling deprived.

The meal plan, recipes, grocery lists, support, motivation, and effective strategies for losing weight and boosting energy is all included, and is yours forever with just one low payment of $97 $47 USD  (save 50%!)

Your Payment Is 100% Secure! | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Davy & Tracy Russell
Davy & Tracy Russell

Creators Of The Reset Your Health Program

About ​Davy & Tracy

We are Davy & Tracy Russell and we are here to serve YOU!

We have dedicated our lives to helping people just like you take bold action toward creating a life they love.

We are here to inspire, motivate, and gently nudge you to start following your passion, do what you love, and overcome any fears, obstacles, and mindset issues that get in your way.

We believe that cultivating an empowered mindset, and taking a holistic approach to health, allows us to follow our passion and create a life we love.

We are here to tell you that “you got this”, and “you’re going to change the world”, because we truly believe that you can, and will!

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