Crystal Magic – Spiritually Working With Crystals & Stones

I have always felt a deep connection to the Earth, the seasons, the cycles of the moon, and the natural history around me.

In addition to working with herbs and plant magick, I also work with stones, minerals, and crystals.

In my practice, crystals and stones represent themes that I want to reflect on. To boost intentions that I set, I may wear, carry, or meditate with certain stones. I call this “working with” crystals or stones.

How I Use Crystals & Stones In Magick

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Now I said I “work with” healing crystals, so let me explain what, exactly, I mean by that.

To be honest, I do not buy into the idea that crystals can heal – not in the sense that crystals will cure disease, or that they are a replacement for modern medical treatment, or life-or-death prescription drugs.

I hope most people who use crystals for healing use them as a complementary therapy.

I also don’t subscribe to the idea that crystals have consciousness, or that they are “living beings”. I don’t believe they have “magic” abilities much beyond a placebo. They have the power that we give them, essentially.

However, I feel a deep connection with the stones and crystals that I have either collected or purchased.

I use healing crystals in much the same way I use tarot cards. I use them as a meditation aid. I use them in my mindfulness practice, and to perform rituals for calming and centering (more on this below).

Rose Quartz

I do not completely disregard the metaphysical properties of crystals, however. In fact, I’ve memorized many of them, and usually use them with the properties and uses taken into account.

I don’t believe that crystals have any “magic” ability to cure disease, or fix a broken relationship, or create a windfall of cash. However, I find that maintaining the association between metaphysical properties with certain stones can act as a visual and tactile reminder to channel that energy.

For example, the citrine on my desk reminds me to think of positive, prosperous thoughts – to work on my mindset as well as the tactics that grow my business.

I visualize my black tourmaline as a sponge for negative energy (anxiety, anger, frustration), and breathe out anxious feelings, or anger, into it (then I cleanse in water to dissipate).

My peanut wood reminds me that change is rough and uncomfortable, but that I can weather anything and build something beautiful from it.

My orange calcite reminds me to focus on what makes me happy, to not just pursue business and personal goals, but to pursue more joy.

The list can go on and on.

Even though I don’t necessarily believe that crystals have the power to transform my life on their own, they are stunning works of natural art that ad a visual and tactile experience to my meditation and mindfulness practice.

Crystal Magick & Stone Rituals

One of the ways I actively use crystals and stones is in rituals.

One of the first rituals that crystal users perform upon buying or acquiring a specimen is to “cleanse” it.

Cleansing A Crystal Or Stone

Cleansing a crystal is said to remove unwanted energy (say, from strangers who handled it before you did) and prepare the crystal for working.

Even though I’m a skeptic at heart, I still find myself cleansing certain crystals that I work with on a regular basis. It just feels right when they “feel clean”.

A crystal can be cleansed by running under water, placed in the sun (or moonlight), run quickly over a flame, or smudged with herbs like sage, or cedar.

(Caution: Some crystals – like selenite – cannot get wet, while others – like amethyst – will fade in sunlight.  Know your stones before you use them!)

Charging A Crystal Or Stone

The second ritual that most crystal users perform is “charging”. Charging a crystal is said to “activate” its energy to work with your intention.

You can charge a crystal by simply holding it in your hand and focusing on it while stating your intention or goal.

For example, you may hold a piece of citrine in your hand and state your intention to increase your income, get a raise at work, or double your client-base.

Once cleansing and charging is completed, you can use your crystals for other rituals.

Simple Crystal Rituals

A simple way that I use crystals in rituals is to simply hold the stone in my hands and mediate on the properties of the stone. I might recite appropriate affirmations that align with the stones metaphysical properties.

Another way I use crystals is as a focus for channeling or releasing energy. Here are a couple rituals I perform as needed.

Anxiety Release Ritual

Take a piece of black tourmaline. The size isn’t important.

Hold it with one hand and exhale, visualizing that your anxiety, fear, stress, anger, and/or other negative emotion is being absorbed into the piece of tourmaline.

Take several deep breaths, allowing the tourmaline to absorb the anxiety with each exhale.

Once finished, either drop the tourmaline into a bowl of clean water, or run it under a faucet for 30 seconds to dissipate the energy.

Forgive & Release Ritual

Use a small satin spar tower and hold it over your heart. Close your eyes and visualize the selenite glowing with a bright white light.

Now picture the satin spar drawing out all feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, and then dissipating it out and away from your body.

You can recite affirmations that strengthen the release. For example, if you are angry, say “I release all anger and forgive those who did me wrong.”

You can picture the person or situation that angers you and forgive, and even bless them.  I’ve found this ritual is super-powerful for releasing residual anger when I perform it with my selenite tower.

My Top 15 Healing Crystals & How I Use Them

1) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

No crystal collection is complete without clear quartz.

Whether it’s a point, a tumbled piece, or a geode, quartz is one of the most popular, multi-use crystals.

2) Amethyst

One of the most popular crystals, amethyst is used to promote calm, boost intuition, and promote prosperity and harmony in the home.

I love pairing amethyst with mugwort in magical workings, and when working with tarot.

3) Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of my favorite crystals, and its most commonly promoted benefit is to absorb and remove negative energy from a person or space keep mine at my workstation, and meditate with it when feeling stressed or anxious.

4) Citrine

The crystal of abundance and increased joy, citrine is also said to improve self-esteem. Citrine (as well as pyrite, aka “fools gold”) is a stone commonly used by people who want to attract success, abundance, and prosperity into their lives.

5) Labradorite

The stone of transformation, helping you grow and become the person you need (or want) to be, Labradorite is also believed to boost intuition, and is often dubbed “The Magician’s Stone”.

6) Selenite / Satin Spar

Selenite is a crystal of purity and cleansing. It promotes peace and harmony in the home, and dispels and protects against negative energy. It cleanses people and spaces of negativity.

Selenite is often used to cleanse and charge other crystals.

Note: Those “selenite” towers that you see everywhere are actually satin spar, which has the same metaphysical properties of selenite. My tower is often the centerpiece to my crystal altar, and I use it ritualistically (see the Forgive & Release Ritual above.)

7) Tiger’s Eye

This stone is about hard work and perseverance. When I’m feeling run down or discouraged, I hold my tiger’s eye, or carry it with me, as a reminder to keep strong, dig in, and get resourceful so that I can rise up to meet any challenge.

8) Fluorite

Helps to clarify and rejuvenate. There are several varieties of fluorite, the most popular being rainbow fluorite, which has translucent green, blue, and pinkish brands of color.

9) Green Aventurine

The stone of luck and good fortune, Tracy and I use aventurine as a “gratitude crystal”.  We take turns holding it when we do our gratitude meditation in the evenings.  We also hold it during our visualization and affirmation rituals.

10) Rose Quartz

This is the stone of love – both romantic and self-love. 

Rose quartz is said to promote harmony and bonding in relationships, as well as boost self-esteem.

11) Moonstone

11) Moonstone – This is one of the stones I work with the most often. I work with black moonstone at the new moon to support intention. I work with rainbow moonstone during the full moon, and peach moonstone during the quarter moons to support balance and harmony.

12) Amazonite

This beautiful blue-green stone represent water to me, and I work with it when the moon is in water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio).

When I hold this stone, I reflect on the interconnectedness of all things.

13) Calcite

Calcite is a versatile stone for calm, peace, and creativity.

Orange calcite is especially good for boosting creativity and connecting with your sensual nature. Green calcite is a wonderful, soothing stone.

14) Sodalite

This is a wonderful self-care stone to help you relax and soothe your mind.

Carry or hold it when you need to release anxiety, worry, or stress.

15) Granite

Not all magical crystals have to come from a metaphysical boutique.

A simple chunk of granite represents strength, resilience, and building of what you wish to manifest in the world.

The Ethical Implication Of Crystals

Crystals are beautiful, and it’s a great feeling to take home a stunning specimen from your local metaphysical shop.

However, the unfortunate reality is that large-scale crystal and gem mining is severely destructive to the environment. Mining is just not Earth-friendly.

In addition, working conditions in third-world countries can be dangerous for those who work in mines for little pay and almost no safety laws. In some cases, child labor is used.

This sad reality behind so-called “blood crystals” has caused me to stop and think about where I source my crystals and stones.

Here are a few things you can do to acquire crystals and gems ethically:

1) Only buy/acquire ethically-sourced crystals. Buy directly from those who pulled them out of the ground, or from shops/sellers who go the extra mile to ensure their crystals and gems were sourced as ethically and sustainably as possible.

2) Mine your own crystals. Look up local minds or “hot spots” for certain minerals near you.

Work Your Magick With “Plain Old Rocks”

You don’t need the fanciest, priciest crystals and gems from a metaphsical boutique to work some powerful crystal magick.

Instead, the “plain old rocks” in your own yard have metaphsyical properties that you can use for any magickal working you can dream up.

I have come to absolutely love using stones and crystals from the land around me in my magical practice. These stones, because they came from the same land I live on, feel much more attuned, “alive”, and energetic.

I have large chunks of white quartz that I love as much as any of my other “fancy” crystals.

I love using tumbled river (or lake) stones in magic, and while working with the element of water.

One of my favorite stones (pictured above) is a chunk of pinkish granite that I plucked from the ocean’s edge when I stayed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (USA) a few years ago.

Sometimes, the very stones in your own backyard can take their place next to perfectly polished specimens that you pick up at a boutique shop – and nothing at all to weight on your conscience.

How do YOU work with crystals and stones? Comment and share below!

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