Magick Morning Live – April 1-7 – Video Replay

Magick Morning Live

Tracy and I are live-streaming a morning mindfulness ritual at 10:00 AM EDT April 1-7.

To watch live, be sure to join our Nature-Focused Spirituality Facebook Group and tune in at 10:00 AM (Eastern – US).

If you can’t make the live stream, you can watch the replay in the group or right on this page.

Magick Morning Live – Day 7

YouTube video

This is the final day of our 7-day Magick Morning Live.

Magick Morning Live – Day 6

YouTube video

Magick Morning Live – Day 5

YouTube video

Magick Morning Live – Day 4

YouTube video

Magick Morning Live – April 3

YouTube video

Magick Morning Live – April 2

YouTube video

Magick Morning Live – April 1

YouTube video

Close-Up Altar Tour – Magick Morning Live

YouTube video

Here’s a close-up tour of our Magick Morning altar.

Why “Magick Morning” & What Is It?

There’s no denying that we’re in a dark time right now.

A LOT of us are feeling unease and uncertainty.

A lot of us are anxious.

A lot of us feel cut off from those we love, isolated, and trying to cope with sudden changes in an up-ended world.

Tracy and I are feeling it, for sure, so we decided to do something that we hope will help some of you who are struggling right now.

We call it “Magick Morning”, and we are streaming it live every morning at 10:00 AM EDT from Wednesday, April 1 through Tuesday, April 7.

Magick Morning is a mindfulness ritual that Tracy and I have performed most days over the last few months.

It involves connecting to the current moon cycle, the dominant natural elements for the day, and the season.

We encourage gratitude practice, and will share journal prompts.

The ritual concludes with an intuitive reading using both tarot and oracle cards to provide some reflection and inspiration for the day.

ALL are welcome to join & participate with us via video call at 10:00 AM EDT, or you can watch the recorded videos later if you can’t make the live call.

Tracy and I are working out the details of how we’re going to do this – either Zoom or Facebook Live in our Nature-Focused Spirituality Group

Stay tuned! Stay healthy! =)

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