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Tarot Consulting

by Davy Russell

I believe that tarot is a powerful tool for guidance, inspiration, and insight on a variety of life's obstacles and unknowns.

I use a down-to-earth approach to help you get clarity and insight on:

  • Career & business,
  • Overcoming obstacles,
  • Love & relationships,
  • Personal & spiritual growth.

"You’ve been so accurate and helpful"

"Thanks Davy. You’ve been so accurate and helpful. Your patience is wonderful and you’re amazing at explaining everything. Thank you. Highly recommend!!!!"

Jasmin Manke  //  Business Coach

What You Get With My

Tarot Consultation Packages

I currently offer two tarot consultation packages:

1) 3-card tarot reading with bonus oracle card clarifier for just $20 USD. 

This is a good option for a first-time tarot reading, or to get a quick read on an area you need some clarity on.  

This video reading will be a minimum of 10 minutes in length.

3-Card Tarot Spread (+ Oracle Card)

10-minute minimum

2) 15-card (or more), in-depth tarot consultation for just $50 USD. 

With this option, I use more cards (15 minimum) and help you dive deeper into seeing all sides of an issue, while getting clarity.  

This video reading will be a minimum of 30 minutes.

In-Depth, 15+ Card Tarot Consultation

30-minute minimum

I offer readings in the following key areas:  

  • Career & Business,
  • Love & Relationships, 
  • Overcoming Obstacles, 
  • General Readings.  

Feel free to e-mail me if you want a tarot consultation that doesn't fit within these categories.

Once you purchase your reading, I will e-mail you a link with the video of your private reading.  

Please allow up to 48 hours (Monday-Friday) to receive your reading (excluding holidays).

Gain Clarity & Insight
Broaden Your View
Identify Opportunities

Book your tarot consultation right now!

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3-Card Tarot Spread (+ Oracle Card)

10-minute minimum

In-Depth, 15+ Card Tarot Consultation

30-minute minimum

3-Card Tarot Spread

What happens next?

1) Complete the checkout by clicking one of the buttons above to choose the type of reading you want.

2) After your purchase, fill out the required information to perform your reading (general topic of your reading like career, love/relationships, etc...).

3) Once I receive the necessary info I need to do your reading, I will e-mail you within 48 hours with a private video link to your reading.

Policies & ethics

These are the policies and ethics that I apply to all of my tarot readings:

  • I do not do readings or give advice on legal, financial, or medical issues.
  • I do not read for, or do readings for, minors (under 18) or third parties.
  • I will approach every reading with utmost confidentiality, and with zero judgement.
  • I will never tell you what to do, and I encourage you to tap into your own inner guidance.
  • I value your privacy.  I will never sell your e-mail or personal information to third parties. You can view my complete privacy policy here.
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