2 Of Cups & 2 Of Pentacles Meaning (Tarot Tuesday)

Today’s Tarot Tuesday spread is about the “2’s” – balance, duality, and harmony.

First up, we have the Two of Cups. This is a card of friendship or even love. It’s a card of sharing mutual emotions and feelings.

While it doesn’t have the intense energy of The Lovers card, it can still signify a loving relationship in harmony, or at the very least, two people of like heart and mind coming together.

The second card is the Two of Pentacles. I usually interpreted this card as juggling finances. The rough seas in the background carrying the ships through highs and lows reflects the sometimes tumultuous journey of the ambitious entrepreneur.

There are several ways to interpret this simple, 2-card spread.

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One is to pay attention to your finances, or material possessions, and how they impact your relationship.

Do money arguments often disrupt the harmony in your relationship?

Do you both have different wants/needs/desires around finances or purchases that you both need to harmonize to avoid future discord?

In a 2-card Action/Energy spread, the 2 of Cups signifies your energy being directed toward a significant other, or even a close friend, while the 2 of Pentacles suggests you need a balance between your work (or business) and your relationship.

Perhaps you are distracted at work or in your business, and you need to find a work/life balance to bring everything together.

How do YOU interpret this spread? Leave a comment and share your perspective!

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