Four of Swords + Eight of Cups Meaning

Today’s cards are about what I call the “Pause & Pivot.”

The 4 of Swords is a card of taking time out for yourself. It’s the ultimate “self-care” card of the tarot deck.

Sometimes, a “pause” is something that we choose to do. We take a time out, whether it’s a vacation, or simply a weekend binge watching a favorite TV show.

Sometimes, a “pause” happens TO us – health problems (mental or physical), or a catastrophic life change, can force us to stop living life the way we have always lived it. It forces us to take a break, whether we want to or not.

However, the 4 of Swords isn’t about rest for rest’s sake. It’s more about resting up so you can prepare yourself for what’s next in your life.

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The 8 of Cups is a card that I associate with change – or a pivot in the way you live your life. The card depicts a person who sets off on a mission while 8 cups are stacked in a way that accentuates an imbalance, or something missing.

In a reading, this card suggests that life, career, business, or a relationship is not a perfect fit. Something leaves you unfulfilled, with a nagging feeling that something just isn’t right. Something’s missing or not fully aligned.

Together, these cards suggest that a “pause and pivot” are in order.

Pause (Four of Swords)

Carve out a little “me time” in your schedule. It can be an hour, a day, or if you can swing it – a week.

Take this time to prioritize self-care – journaling, meditation, get caught up with sleep, exercise, spend time outdoors, read a personal development book.

Don’t just rest for the sake of rest, however. Use this time to grow and prepare for the next step in your life – the pivot.

Pivot (Eight of Cups)

Just like the person depicted on the 8 of cups, you need to take action after you regroup and reconnect with what you truly want out of life.

If something isn’t fully aligned with what you truly want, then seek it out.

Make a change. Shift your career, find a better job, end a toxic relationship, move to a location that feels energetically compatible.

Be ready and willing to take action!

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