About Davy & Tracy

Hi!  We’re Davy and Tracy Russell (+ kiddo), and welcome to our home on the web!

Our mission is to help people find mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing through tuning into the wisdom of the lunar cycle and the healing energy of nature.

ALL are welcome here. 

Who are Davy and Tracy?

Davy is a writer and intuitive reader helping people gain clarity and insight into their life using the wisdom of plants, animals, crystals, the moon, and tarot.

Tracy is a certified spiritual life coach and reiki master. She uses energy healing to help others tap into the present moment and cultivate a place for peace and harmony in daily life.

Together, they share inspiration and simple rituals through their website to help people connect to nature on a spiritual level.

They also operate an online apothecary shop carrying an selection of teas, candles, ritual items, oils, salves, vintage items, and magickal products made with the herbs from their gardens in upstate New York.

They are both eclectic practitioners of green witchcraft, druidry, and their own intuitive approach to nature magick.

What is Nature Magick?

We define nature magick as a spiritual path that is focused on tapping into the natural energies of the Earth to help facilitate goals, provide guidance, and heal mind, body, and spirit.

We primarily work with herbs/plants, crystals, weather, moon cycles, seasons, tarot, and the four classical elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

Our focus is not on deities or spirits, or the supernatural.

We use the term “spiritual” to represent our own mindful connection with our place in the natural world.

Our spiritual path is defined by our own “human spirit”, looking toward nature for inspiration, guidance, connection, peace, harmony, and joy.

We believe that spirituality is an individual, human experience.

While we can share our experiences and beliefs with others, it is important to remember that there is no one “true” or “right” path. We aim to share inspiration and ideas – but not “teach and preach”.

Take what resonates, skip what doesn’t.

Nobody has the right to define your spirituality for you. We all are sovereign, spiritual beings, capable of building our own practice.

What We Practice

We practice nature-focused spirituality through:

Moon Phases & Lunar Astrology – Tuning In To The Wisdom Of The Lunar Cycle: We use the natural cycles of the moon as a spiritual calendar.

Each phase of the moon, and each astrological sign that it passes through, can become a focus for your intentions, reflection, and actions.

The moon is our spiritual center – and provides the daily rhythm of our practice.

Nature Magic & Green Witchcraft: My personal approach to magic (or “magick”) is to use ritual to mindfully engage my senses in order to affect change within myself, thus creating change externally.

Ritual can be soothing, energizing, or healing. It can be done solitary, or communally. Ritual can be complex, or simple.

The magic we practice is not whirling a wand or chanting in Latin to change an enemy into a toad.

Magic is a powerful, self-development and self-discovery practice that you can explore though ritual and mindful practice. It changes you, so that you can change your world.

One such ritual Tracy and I perform each day is our Magick Morning.

Wheel Of The Year: Tracy and I observe the eight sabbats on the neo-pagan Wheel Of The Year.

Each point on the wheel marks a transition from one season to the next. Like with the lunar cycle, the yearly cycle provides a focus for intention, manifestation, reflection, and growth.

This fits into my own practice of phenology (the observance and study of cyclical natural phenomena, particularly related to plant and animal life.)

Tarot & Oracle Cards: Tarot is a profound tool for personal and spiritual development.

I find the images to be evocative, and greatly enhance meditation, journaling, and simply thinking through problems.

Crystals & Minerals: Tracy and I both use crystals and minerals in our nature-focused spiritual practice.

While I don’t necessarily believe that crystals and stones carry their own magical powers, I have found that metaphysical associations are useful and effective in my own mindfulness/magical practice.

Plants, Herbs, Tea: I am an avid gardener, with a passion for herbalism and plant magick. My go-to practice for herbal magick is making and drinking teas and tisanes.

Be sure to check out the Plant Wisdom section of our website.

Reiki: Tracy is a certified Reiki practitioner, and incorporates her energy work into what we do here on our website.

Let’s Stay Connected!

We hope you enjoy the content on our website! We encourage you to incorporate what resonates with you into your own spiritual practice, however you define it.

We LOVE hearing from like-minded people!

  • Be sure to visit our shop and pick up a gift for yourself or a loved one. Your purchase helps us keep this website going!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Please feel free to leave a comment and introduce yourself!

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  1. I just stumbled on your site be accident (while preparing March full moon circle) and am glad I did. Kindred spirits. Also requested to your your FBOOK group.

  2. Honestly, I’ve been looking for something like this site for quite some time. Other sights just never seemed to resonate with me like this one! Thank you so much!!

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