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Lunar Balance Begins Thursday, July 28!!!

Do you long for more wonder, magic, and joy in your life?

But instead, the day-to-day chaos of life sucks the magic right out of you?

Lunar Balance is a 4-step program to help you tune in to the moon and reclaim calm, joy…and magic!

Join a supportive community of like-minded, spiritual people who will inspire you to embrace your magic and create positive change in yourself so you can make your world a better place!

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New here? Start with our core articles that outline how we tune into the wisdom of the lunar cycle, and practice natural magic for healing and personal growth.

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Cosmic Happenings

Upcoming new/full moon dates and Wheel of the Year holidays. Subscribe to Magick Monday, our weekly e-mail almanac!

Lughnasadh (Lammas)
August 1
Full Moon in Aquarius
August 11
New Moon in Virgo
August 27

About Davy & Tracy Russell

Davy is a writer and intuitive reader. Tracy is a certified spiritual life coach and reiki master.

They share inspiration and simple ritual ideas on their website to help people…

  • Connect to the wisdom of the lunar cycle,
  • Tune into nature for healing and personal growth, and
  • Embrace the present moment to cultivate a space for balance and joy.

Learn more about them & their practice here.