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Hi there!  We're Davy & Tracy Russell, and welcome to our website!  Since 2009, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people transform their lives through:

Simple Self-Care Rituals

 Promote mindfulness, cultivate positive energy, and take clear, focused direction toward creating a life you love.

Nature Spirituality
Uplift your mind and spirit by working with herbs, crystals, and aligning with the rhythm, cycles, and seasons of Nature as you navigate both the joys and the challenges in your life.
Holistic Wellness

Transform your health with simple, sustainable habits like drinking a daily green smoothie and embracing holistic, healthy living.

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What People ARe Saying ABout Us

Jackie H.

Your Mind-Body Reset was well thought out and to the point.  There were no long winded explanations, just good plain common sense suggestions that are powerful but easy to do. Well done!

Linda M.

I found your advice absolutely brilliant! Life has been really hard lately and this has been an amazing help to me. You are both wonderful for taking the time to help others. Thank you!

Karieve H.

Wow! I'm so very grateful & excited for your assistance & guidance. I love your approach and it is so on track with where I am at & what I've needed! Thank you again so much! God is so good and I'm so excited!

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Hey there! We're Davy & Tracy Russell. We help people create more balance and joy in their lives through simple self-care rituals and nature-focused spiritual practice. Be sure to sign up for our FREE 5-Day Mind-Body Reset!

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