Full Moon In Libra

Date: March 25, 2024

The Full Moon in Libra signals a time to reflect on balance, harmony, and compromise in your life.

All too often, we feel like our lives do not have balance.

We compromise too much.

We experience disharmony at work, at home, and in our own body and mind.

Gaining a sense of balance and harmony in our lives isn’t a result of everything just snapping into place on their own.

In fact, harmony doesn’t happen all by itself. We must create it. We must set boundaries, and become an active participant in cultivating harmony and balance in our home life, our work life, and our own body and mind.

The full moon in Libra shines a light on what you are doing that is working, but also on what needs to be released or refined in order to harmonize energies within yourself, and your surroundings.

It also casts light on where you need to compromise to gain that balance.

Just as the moon reflects the sun’s light back to Earth, so too does our reality and life circumstances reflect our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors back to us.

As tough as it is to accept it at times, our sense of disharmony and imbalance comes from our own habits, thoughts, and behaviors.

When we make the internal shift toward harmony, our outer world will begin to harmonize as well.

The full moon is a time to identify what needs to be released so that you can prepare to receive. Take some time under the light of the full moon to journal and reflect.

Full Moon In Libra Correspondences

Element: Air (Libra is an air sign).

Season: Mid-Spring (The Libra Full Moon occurs during the mid-spring, opposite the Libra New Moon, which happens during mid-autumn).

Candle Color: Blue, pink, black.

Crystals/Stones: Rainbow moonstone and selenite/satin spar are my go-to full moon stones to work with during the full moon).

Additional stones to work with during the Libra Full Moon include lapis lazuli, jade, emerald, opal, and beryl.

Alternately, any stone that embodies some aspect of balance (equal mix of two colors, two equal lobes, etc…) are also good Libra stones.

Herbs/Tea: Yarrow, calendula.

Essential Oils/Incense: Pine, rosemary, vanilla, basil, mugwort.

Animal: To me, the bald eagle represents balance and harmony. Bald eagles are most active in my area during the winter, and I often catch a glimpse of them patrolling open areas of the river outside my window.

Their dark and light plumage represents balance to me, as is their dominion of sky (air) and river (water), fierceness in the heart of winter (fire), and their nurturing of young (Earth).

Full Moon In Libra Rituals

Here are a few rituals that you can do under the Libra Full Moon:

1) Libra Full Moon Tarot

The tarot card associated with Libra is Justice (XI). The justice archetype is about thinking logically about a situation or circumstance. Perhaps you are thinking too emotionally, and it’s time to step back and take a more objective approach.

Additionally, any of the “two” cards in the deck are excellent cards to work with during a Libra moon. Perhaps you are juggling things like the Two of Pentacles, or you are paralyzed with a decision like in the Two of Swords.

A simple Full Moon in Libra tarot spread might include placing the Justice card (or one of the two cards from any suit that best represents your situation right now) down in front of you.

Then pull two additional, random cards from the deck. Place one to the right of the main card (Justice or one of the twos) and the other to the left.

The one on the left is what you need to release, the one on the right is what you need to embrace to gain a deeper sense of balance and harmony.

2) Active Balancing

Balance and harmony do not just happen. You have to actively create them, and it starts with you.

Under the light of a Full Libra Moon, take some time to write up a budget to balance your finances. Can you free up money (even if it’s just $10/week to shrink debt while growing savings.

Create a schedule, and work toward being more mindful of how you spend your time. Perhaps you can find 15-30 minutes to reallocate from Facebook scrolling or TV watching to exercise, or creative pursuits.

Take a look at the food in your cupboards. Can one or two junk food snacks be swapped out for fresh fruits, or a healthier alternative, to balance out your diet?

3) Full Moon Journaling

I write in my journal every day, but I always spend a little extra time journaling under the light of Full Moons.

The Full Moon in Libra is a good time to write about what you need to release in order achieve balance and harmony in your life.

What compromises might you need to make to get there?