Full Moon In Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio

Date: May 5, 2023

The Full Moon in Scorpio signals a time to reflect on healing and renewal.

Full moons are a time to celebrate your progress – no matter how great or small. It’s a time for gratitude.

Healing and renewal is a process. Joy comes from celebrating tiny victories, and being present through the process rather than focusing only on the future outcome, or on what is broken right now.

The full moon in Scorpio shines a light on what you are doing that is working, but also on what needs to be released or refined in order to continue your healing journey.

I use the full moon to reflect on how my life and circumstances reflect my own thoughts and feelings back to me (just as the moon reflects the sun’s light back to Earth.)

How do your thoughts and feelings about a situation or circumstance influence that same situation or circumstance.

Does it help or make it worse?

Does it contribute to healing and rebirth, or does it keep you stuck, stagnant, and miserable?

The full moon is a time to identify what needs to be released so that you can prepare to receive. Take some time under the light of the full moon to journal and reflect.

Full Moon In Scorpio Correspondences

Element: Water (Scorpio is a water sign).

Season: Spring (The Scorpio Full Moon occurs during the late spring, opposite the Scorpio New Moon, which happens during the late autumn).

Candle Color: Purple, red, gold.

Crystals/Stones: Rainbow moonstone and selenite/satin spar are my go-to full moon stones to work with during the full moon).

Additional stones to work with include aquamarine, amazonite (both “water” stones), topaz, ruby, jet.

Herbs/Tea: Basil, rosemary, vanilla, mugwort.

Essential Oils/Incense: Pine, rosemary, vanilla, basil, mugwort.

Animal: Scorpion – representing the death/rebirth cycle, determination. Could also signal moving away from toxic/poisonous influences.

Full Moon In Scorpio Rituals

Here are a few rituals that you can do under the Scorpio Full Moon:

1) Scorpio Full Moon Tarot

The tarot card associated with Scorpio is the Death (XIII) card.

In the Tarot, the Death card doesn’t represent an actual death. Instead, the card signals an ending – not one that is abrupt and “turn your world on its head” like The Tower, but an ending that might be painful just the same.

Overall, it is a positive card in that a while an ending (whether it be job, relationship, belief system, etc…) might be painful, it will usher in something better and ultimately, more fulfilling.

If you work with the tarot, pull the the Death card from your favorite deck and spend some time journaling about what you need to release in your life.

Perhaps something is coming to an inevitable end, yet you find yourself clinging onto it in desperation.

It’s time to embrace endings so that you can heal, move on, and ultimately receive something far better.

A simple Full Moon in Scorpio tarot spread might include placing the Death card down in front of you, then pulling two random cards from the suit of cups. Place one to the right of the Death card and the other to the left.

The one on the left of the Death card is what you need to release, the one on the right is what you need to embrace to move through what is coming to an end.

2) Selenite/Satin Spar Cleansing Ritual

A simple cleansing ritual that you can do during a full moon is to hold a piece of selenite or satin spar. I like to use my satin spar tower for this.

I then hold it to my heart and take three deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth.

I then imagine that the selenite tower is glowing with a bright, pure, white light, and with each subsequent breath, I am drawing that light deeper into my body.

With each exhalation, all negative emotion, tension, and fear are drawn out through the selenite and dissipated out into the Universe, where is its transmuted into white light.

3) Full Moon Journaling

I write in my journal every day, but I always spend a little extra time journaling under the light of Full Moons.

The Full Moon in Scorpio, is a good time to write about what you need to release in order to heal, or make a fresh start in life.

My Garden At The Full Moon In Scorpio

By the Full Moon in Scorpio, my garden is still waking up, slowed by the occasionally cold snap and even snow, that I get this time of year.

By this time, however, the healing qualities of gardening and tending to plants have already worked their magic and I feel myself coming alive with anticipation and hope.

The Earth is renewed and reborn, and so am I.