Full Moon In Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus

Date: October 28, 2023

For those who use moon cycles in spiritual or self-growth work, the full moon is a time to gain clarity and identify things that you need to release or change because they no longer serve you.

Taurus is associated with security and getting things done (ie: practical plans and solutions).

While I prepare our home and car for winter this week (snow is coming!), reflecting on the Full Moon in Taurus also makes me think about firming up a practical plan to help manifest my life goals and dreams. 

The Taurus Full Moon reminds me to release any patterns that have kept me stuck – fear of change, procrastinationself-sabotage – or the perpetual cycle of wishing and wanting and hoping – but not doing.

In the personal development space, there is a LOT of talk about setting intentions and mindset work.  This is important.

But you also need a practical plan.  

It’s important to balance magick and manifestation with practical planning and taking action.

One thing that helps me a lot is to chunk down major life goals into tiny, daily steps.  To feel like I am progressing, I make sure that I keep track of all milestones – celebrate my successes, and find the lessons in failures.

I tend to be a big dreamer, with big goals and ambitions.  I am not so good at chunking these goals down, or tracking how I’m doing.  

Take some time today or tomorrow to reflect on a major life goal (or change), and then list all the tiny steps you need to take to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Full Moon In Taurus Correspondences

Element: Earth (Taurus is an Earth sign).

Season: Autumn. The Taurus full moon occurs in mid-autumn, opposite the Taurus New Moon that occurs during mid-spring.

Take a moment to look back at your journal and/or intentions that you set during the New Moon in Taurus earlier in the spring.

Have you manifested what you intended? What adjustments need to be made? Is it time to recommit? What needs to be released to free yourself from patterns/behaviors/beliefs that hold you back?

Candle Color: Green, gold, brown, copper.

Crystals/Stones: Rainbow moonstone, selenite/satin spar, and clear quartz are my go-to Full Moon crystals.

Other crystals associated with the sign of Taurus include green aventurine, emerald, turquoise, and jade.

Herbs/Tea: Mint, sage, thyme.

Essential Oils/Incense: Peppermint, ylang-ylang, cypress.

Animal: Bull – represents strength, fertility, perseverance, levelheadedness, being “down-to-Earth”, determined, stable, confident.

Other Earth Magickal Items: Potted plants, seeds saved from this year’s garden (representing potential and future security).

Full Moon In Taurus Ritual

Here are some simple rituals you can do during the Full Moon in Taurus.

1) Taurus Full Moon Tarot

The Hierophant (V) is the tarot card associated with the sign of Taurus.

Tradition, rules, and conformity are all themes of The Hierophant – particularly in the areas of spiritual development and knowledge.

In a reading, this card doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to force yourself to conform to a rigid framework that doesn’t work for you. Instead, check in with where you are in your spiritual journey.

Do you feel trapped in dogma, and you’re ready to branch out into a more personalized spiritual path?

Do you want to master a practice and desire to seek out a mentor or guide?

Maybe it’s both. Take some time to reflect on the archetype of The Hierophant, and then do a simple tarot spread and journaling to dive deeper.

You can use this simple Intention/Action tarot spread:

2) Connecting To Earth

Taurus is an Earth sign, and while it’s easy to connect to the Earth during the New Moon in Taurus in April, it can be challenging to feel connected when the snow starts flying and temperatures drop.

Even when it’s cold and feels more like winter than spring, you can connect to the Earth several ways:

  • Keep a potted plant in a sunny windowsill,
  • Display some of your favorite crystals,
  • Drink some herbal teas (perfect for chilly nights),
  • Take a couple minutes each day to note the subtle changes outside your window as autumn inches toward winter.