New Moon In Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn

Dates: January 11, 2024

When working with moon phases, I use the New Moon as the start of my monthly spiritual calendar.

New Moons represent fresh beginnings, blank slates, empty canvases.

It is a prime time to set intentions and begin to manifest goals.

It’s also quite fitting that we have a New Moon that typically happens toward the end of December or beginning of January – coinciding with our natural tendency to release the old year and welcome the new.

The astrological sign of Capricorn is associated with structure and long-term goals.

A New Moon in Capricorn is THE time to take a good, honest look at where you want to go in life, and commit to taking daily action.

It’s time to put aside dreaming and wanting, and it’s time to start taking action by creating a 12-month plan, and setting up milestones along the way so that you can measure your successes (and don’t forget to reward yourself as you hit these milestones!)

New Moon In Capricorn Correspondences

Element: Earth.

Season: Winter (The Capricorn New Moon occurs while the sun is also in the sign of Capricorn – December 22 to January 19, typically).

This is the new moon closest to Yule (Winter Solstice) and the New Year.

Candle Color: Indigo, black, grey are traditional color associations, but I also use green and white candles during a Capricorn New Moon for intention setting, clarity, and prosperity for the year ahead.

Crystals/Stones: Black moonstone (a good stone to work with during the new moon).

Also consider working with clear quartz, black tourmaline, tourmalinated quartz, jet, obsidian, malachite, turquoise, green aventurine.

Herbs/Tea: Valerian, rosemary, chamomile, tarragon.

Essential Oils/Incense: Frankincense, cypress, spruce, fir, chamomile, rosemary.

Animal: Goat.

New Moon In Capricorn Rituals

Here are some suggested rituals to perform under the Capricorn New Moon:

1) Capricorn New Moon Tarot

In the tarot, The Devil (XV) is associated with Capricorn.

The Devil doesn’t necessarily represent evil, but it does represent our tendency to be bound by our own delusions and lack of consciousness.

In this respect, The Devil has nothing to do with an external, mythological being, but instead is our own tendencies toward temptations, unethical behavior, and allowing the negative human nature trump mindful, spiritual thought and action.

For a New Moon in Capricorn tarot spread, place The Devil card down in front of you. Then reshuffle the deck and lay one random card to the left of The Devil, and another to the right.

The card on the left shows us what can support our New Moon intentions. This may be a shift in perception, or a time-out so that we can get crystal clear on what we truly want to manifest in our life during this moon cycle.

The card on to the right represents an action we should take from now through the first quarter moon phase.

2) Year-Ahead Intention Setting

Light a white candle and keep a clear quartz crystal nearby to aid in clarity of your intentions.  (I’m using my clear quartz that I set in my east-facing window to catch the first rays of the returning sun on the Solstice.)

Open a journal (or a calendar) and write down a vivid description of where you want to be 12 months from now.

Now break that goal up into 12 milestones, one for each month.

Now break each of these milestones into weekly action steps.

Print this schedule out and/or transfer it to a calendar and hang it on your wall where you will see it every day from now through next December.

Diffuse peppermint essential oil to awaken your senses so that you can vividly picture what you want in life.

My Garden At The New Moon In Capricorn

By the Capricorn New Moon, my garden is in hibernation. The world outside looks snowy, grey, cold, and bleak.

However, beneath the frozen snow and soil, there are roots and bulbs waiting for the right time when the sunshine returns, the Earth warms, and they can spring up and bloom once again.