Tarot Spread: Self-Reflection

Tarot has been a phenomenal tool for self-growth, reflection, and personal development.

While you can do simple daily draws, or 2-card spreads (like the Energy/Action spread that Davy does every morning), a full-on spread can give you some deep insights into your behaviors, blocks, and steps that you can take.

I created this tarot spread to give you insights about how your self-talk is holding you back.

You will also gain insight into healing influences you have access to right now, and what steps you can take to nurture positive change in your life.

Self-Reflection Tarot Spread

Shuffle your favorite tarot deck and lay the cards out in the order shown above.

Card 1: How is my self-talk affecting my ability to be true to myself?

Card 2: What am I hiding from myself out of shame or fear?

Card 3: What is a healing aspect/influence that I can access right now to help me overcome this?

Card 4: What do I need to let go of?

Card 5: What do I need to embrace and nurture right now?

I HIGHLY recommend taking a picture of your cards in this spread with your phone (so you can refer back to it later), and then grab a notebook and journal about the cards that came forward for you.

Feel free to post a comment below and let me know what you thought of this spread!

5 thoughts on “Tarot Spread: Self-Reflection”

    1. Hi J – Generally, the 4 of Swords represents a need for pause, to rest up and recharge before taking on the next challenge, or to recover from trauma or hardship. In the context of the #2 position of this spread, this card could indicate a couple possible scenarios:

      – Perhaps you’re unwilling to admit that you need to slow down, take a break, pause…. You feel you can’t, or you might let people down.

      – Or it could mean that you’re feeling shame, guilt, or fear about asking for time to process something from your past that needs to be dealt with in order to move forward,

      – Depending on the other cards in the spread, it could also indicate a challenge that you’ve been avoiding (an uncomfortable request, conversation, or boundary that needs to be set, and you’ve put it off too long and you’re stuck right now – you’ve been in “pause mode” too long. You need to “take up this final sword” to break through, basically.

      These are just a few suggestions, but hopefully it sparks some ideas based on the other cards in your spread.

  1. I got the lovers card for the second position
    I was wondering if anyone would know how that card applies/could be applied?

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