Full Moon In Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn

When working with moon phases, I use the full moon as a mid-point in my monthly spiritual calendar.

Full moons are a time to celebrate what you have and how far you’ve come.

It’s also a time to reflect.

During a Full Moon in Capricorn, I like to reflect on the intentions that I set during the New Moon in Capricorn, which typically happens around the beginning of the year.

I’ll flip back in my journal to what I wrote during the New Year, and check in with any goals I had set for the year.

And then I’ll ask myself:

What have I accomplished? What still needs to be done?

What’s holding me back?

Do these goals still feel right six months later?

How have I gone off track?

What course corrections or adjustments do I need to make to achieve these goals by the end of this year?

Under the light of the Full Moon in Capricorn, take time to recommit to the goals and intentions that you set at the beginning of the year.

Full Moon In Capricorn Correspondences

Element: Earth.

Season: Summer (opposite the New Moon in Capricorn which typically occurs between December 22 and January 19).

Candle Color: Indigo, black, grey are traditional color associations for Capricorn.

I also use colors that correspond with an intention or goal that I am re-committing to, such as green (for money, prosperity) or pink/red (passion, romance, love), for example.

Crystals/Stones: Rainbow moonstone and satin spar/selenite are my main full moon crystals to set out and work with.

Other stones to work with during a Capricorn moon include clear quartz, black tourmaline, tourmalinated quartz, jet, obsidian, malachite, turquoise, green aventurine.

Herbs/Tea: Valerian, rosemary, chamomile, tarragon, daisies, orange tiger lilies.

Essential Oils/Incense: Frankincense, cypress, spruce, fir, chamomile, rosemary.

Animal: Goat.

Full Moon In Capricorn Rituals

Here are some suggested rituals to perform under the Capricorn Full Moon:

1) Capricorn Full Moon Tarot

In the tarot, The Devil (XV) is associated with Capricorn.

The Devil card, however, doesn’t represent evil, or that something bad or negative is happening in your life.

It has nothing to do with the mythological devil figure in Christianity.

The devil simply represents our own self-defeating, self-sabotaging tendencies – fear, over-indulgence, unconscious actions or behaviors, for example

To work with the Devil card under a Capricorn Full Moon, simply pull the card from the deck and lay it down in front of you. Then shuffle the remaining cards.

Place one card to the left of The Devil. This card shows us how we are being our own devil (ie: our own enemy) through self-sabotage, fear, or unconscious behaviors. This is what you need to release as the moon wanes over the next two weeks.

Now place a second card to the right of The Devil. This card shows us where we may actually need to embrace our inner devil. Where do we need to disrupt the status quo, ask questions, or simply break off and do our own thing? Where can we balance work and hustle with more fun and pleasure?

2) Mid-Year Check In

In a quiet place, review the goals or intentions that you set at the beginning of the year – your New Years resolutions.

You can also revisit any goal or dream you had hoped to accomplish this year.

Another thing I like to do is to review my journal entry from the New Moon in Capricorn six month prior, or my end-of-year/beginning-of-year entries.

Now pick one goal or change that you want to work on over the next six months.

What obstacles are in your path?

What habits or routines need to be adjusted?

WHY do you want to make this change in your life?

Revisit any intention-setting rituals that you did when you first committed to this goal.

My Garden At The Full Moon In Capricorn

By the Capricorn Full Moon, my garden is bursting with fresh herbs, early summer vegetables, and flowers.

The Common Milkweed has bloomed and the Swamp Milkweed is on it’s way to blooming, just in time to welcome the first Monarch butterfly any day.

Early season goldenrod is budded, while Rudbeckia and Echinacea are starting to shine.