Full Moon In Leo

Full Moon in Leo

Dates: 2021: January 28

As you can probably guess, the sign of Leo (The Lion) is associated with leadership and confidence.

A Full Moon in Leo signals a need to embrace your inner lion to the fullest extent.

Imagine a proud, confident lion surveying their territory – brimming with confidence and ready to use their full power to seize any opportunity that passes by.

This is the energy of the Full Leo Moon.

The other keyword associated with Leo is strength, and this is important because the Leo Moon is a time to boost your strength and perseverance.

Beneath the light of a Leo full moon, take some time to:

  • Celebrate accomplishments. How have you shown strength, confidence, courage, and leadership in the past month?
  • Practice gratitude and reflection. What are you grateful for?  How can embracing Leo energy help you in your mind, body, and spiritual health over the coming month?
  • Release something that no longer serves you. What lowers your confidence?  What saps your strength?  How can you release these things from your life?

Full Moon In Leo Correspondences

Element: Fire (Leo is a fire sign).

Season: Winter (The Leo Full Moon occurs during the winter, opposite the Leo New Moon, which happens during the summer).

Candle Color: Red, purple, orange, yellow, golden/bronze.

Crystals/Stones: Rainbow moonstone and selenite/satin spar are my go-to full moon stones to work with during the full moon).

Some excellent crystals and stones to carry with you during a Leo moon include lion skin jasper (of course), tiger’s eye, tiger iron, aventurine, golden topaz, amber, and pyrite.

Herbs/Tea: Chamomile, ginger, peppermint, citrus, bay, calendula.

Essential Oils/Incense: Cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, chamomile, frankincense, black pepper.

Animal: Lion – representing strength, confidence, and power.

Full Moon In Leo Ritual

Here are a few rituals that you can do under the Leo Full Moon:

1) Leo Full Moon Tarot

The tarot card associated with Leo is the Strength (VIIII) card.

In the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, the Strength card depicts a woman with her hands on the jaws of a lion, symbolizing the balance of feminine and masculine energy, taking control, tolerance, and self-awareness.

If you work with the tarot, pull the the Strength card from your favorite deck and spend some time journaling about what you need to release in your life.

Use the journal prompts earlier in this article for guidance.

To work with the Strength card during a Leo full moon, pull the card from your favorite tarot deck and place it in front of you.

Reshuffle the deck and pull two more cards. Place one to the left of Strength and the other to the right.

The one on the left of the Strength card is what you need to release in order to build your confidence and strength.

The card on the right represents what you need to receive or embrace so that you can channel your powerful, confident inner-lion.

Full Moon in Leo tarot spread.

2) 10-Minute Power Workout

Doing a quick (even a 10-minute) workout is a powerful confidence and strength booster.

3) Say “No” (ie: Let Your Lion Self Roar)

Give your inner lion some voice by saying no to a commitment or task that will further drain your energy.  Do some self-care instead.

4) Play a “Song Of Power”

We all have “power songs”. If you need a boost to your power, find your favorite power song and play it.

I’m a huge Sia fan, so if you want a song that really amps up your confidence and inner lion(ess), then listen to this:

YouTube video

You don’t have to do ALL of these rituals in order to have a proper Leo Full Moon ritual.  Pick a couple that resonate.

For example, you can play a “power song” while holding a tiger’s eye stone while focusing on the flame of a candle.

Or you could do a quick, 5 to 10 minute workout to a motivational song while diffusing citrus, cinnamon, or ginger essential oil, and then unwind with some tea that includes cinnamon, ginger or peppermint.

Be sure to journal on some of the questions I posed earlier in this article.

My Garden At The Full Moon In Leo

My garden is fast asleep during the Leo full moon in mid-winter.

However, I am still enjoying and readily using all of the herbs and magickal plant materials that I harvested from my garden during the Leo New Moon at summertime.

Some dried flowers I use in Leo Full Moon rituals include marigold, calendula, orange or yellow zinnia, sunflower, and summer chrysanthemum.

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