New Moon In Leo

New Moon in Leo

Date: August 16, 2023

The New Moon in Leo signals a time to set intentions around leadership and confidence in your own life.

Where in your life right now do you need to step into more of a leadership role?

This could mean taking on more of a leadership role (or behavior) at work.

Or it could mean stepping up and taking the lead on a goal you want to accomplish in your life.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for the right time, or the money, or the education, or whatever has held you back, and now is the time to take that goal off the back-burner and lead yourself forward.

Stop waiting for someone else to take the lead. Stop waiting for the Universe to take the lead. It’s your goal, and you’re being called to step up and take bold, confident action.

Confidence is another major energy during a Leo moon, and so be sure to set intentions for boosting your confidence.

It’s time to actively work on putting yourself out there, and going after what you want. You have the strength and resilience to do it, and the only one stopping you at this point is you.

During the New Moon in Leo, take time to:

  • Set intentions for confidence and/or leadership in your life. How can you show up in more of a leadership role (for yourself or others) over the next month? What inhibits your confidence? Where do you need to boost your confidence in order to manifest your goals?
  • Turn down the noise. Take a mini-break from listening to others tell you what or how you should do something and instead, reflect and listen to your own thoughts. Journal. Take a time out to tap into your own inner wisdom and lead from your heart, instead of following everyone else’s advice.
  • Do one thing that nudges you out of your comfort zone. Confidence builds as you push against the boundary of your comfort zone. So do one thing today (or this week) that feels a bit scary, but helps your confidence grow.

New Moon In Leo Correspondences

Element: Fire (Leo is a fire sign). Fire is associated with power, passion, and action.

Season: Mid-late summer, opposite the Full Moon in Leo that happens mid-winter.

Candle Color: Red, purple, orange, yellow, golden/bronze.

Crystals/Stones: Black moonstone is my go-to new moon crystal.

Some excellent crystals and stones to carry with you during a Leo moon include lion skin jasper (of course), tiger’s eye, tiger iron, aventurine, golden topaz, amber, and pyrite.

Herbs/Tea: Chamomile, ginger, peppermint, citrus, bay, calendula.

Most of these herbs are growing in my garden at this time of year, so I’ll regularly work with them, as well as dry some for use during the Full Moon in Leo six months from now.

Essential Oils/Incense: Cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, chamomile, frankincense, black pepper.

Animal: Lion – representing strength, confidence, and power.

New Moon In Leo Rituals

Here are a few rituals that you can do under the Leo New Moon:

1) Leo New Moon Tarot

The tarot card associated with Leo is the Strength (VIIII) card.

In the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, the Strength card depicts a woman with her hands on the jaws of a lion, symbolizing the balance of feminine and masculine energy, taking control, tolerance, and self-awareness.

If you work with the tarot, pull the the Strength card from your favorite deck and spend some time journaling about where you need to show up with more strength, confidence, and leadership in your life.

For a simple Intention/Action tarot spread for the New Moon in Leo, place the Strength card down in front of you, then pull two random cards from the deck. Place one to the right of the Strength card and the other to the left.

2) 10-Minute Power Workout

Doing a quick (even a 10-minute) workout is a powerful confidence and strength booster.

Find a quick dance workout on YouTube while playing one of your confidence-boosting, power songs. (Mine is Unstoppable by Sia.)

3) Bay Leaf Wish Spell

A simple New Moon spell that you can do is to write a wish, a dream, or goal onto a dried bay leaf, then light it and allow the smoke to carry your intention up and out into the Universe.

Bay leaves are associated with the sign of Leo, and burning them is a great way to work with the fire energy of Leo.

I recommend that you do this ritual outdoors, or in a well-ventilated room.

My Garden At The New Moon In Leo

During the months of the year when my garden is producing abundantly, I plan ahead for the rituals I will perform during the cold months when my garden is asleep.

How is the time to harvest and dry herbs like chamomile, calendula, pepermint, and bay leaves.

I also dry yellow and orange flower petals from sunflowers, rudbeckias, marigolds, and tithonia for use during the Full Moon in Leo six months out.