New Moon In Gemini

New Moon in Gemini

Date: June 6, 2024

For those who use moon cycles in spiritual for self-growth work, the New Moon is a time to set intentions.

The New Moon is a time of pause – stillness – that allows us to rest and gain clarity about what we want to manifest in the coming moon cycle.

The sign of Gemini is associated with communication, so under a Gemini New Moon, my intentions will be focused on how I communicate with others.

Communication isn’t just about how we relate to others, however.  The way we communicate with ourselves is equally important.

Under the Gemini New Moon, reflect and journal on the following:

  • What do I need from my partner, and how can I communicate that in a positive way?)
  • Do I communicate my boundaries effectively? What can I start saying “NO” to?
  • How can I shift my self-talk to become more positive and compassionate? Would I ever talk to my best friends the way I talk to myself?

Look for areas that need improvement through effective, compassionate, and positive communication – both with others and with yourself.

New Moon In Gemini Correspondences

Element: Air (Gemini is an air sign.)

Season: Spring/Late Spring, opposite the Full Moon in Gemini, which typically occurs late Autumn/early Winter.

Candle Color: Blue, white, orange, yellow.

Crystals/Stones: I use black moonstone as my New Moon crystal.

Good intention crystals include clear quartz, arfvedsonite, green chert, and citrine.

Additionally, consider working with moss agate, topaz, and tourmaline.

Both blue calcite and blue lace agate are associated with the throat chakra, which governs communication.

Rose quartz is a stone of self-love, and can help you shift negative self-talk into more positive self-love.

Herbs/Tea: Mint, lavender, dill, parsley, licorice root.

Calendula is an edible flower that is coming into bloom in my garden right about now (if I started seeds indoors).

Calendula is said to help shift your inner dialogue with yourself, and to harmonize your communication.

Essential Oils/Incense: Diffuse mint or lavender essential oils this week to help connect to your true self and facilitate better communication with self.

Sandalwood and jasmine are also good scents to use under the Gemini full moon.

Animal: Not specified.

Other Earth Magical Items: Twin or pairs of natural objects (a pair of deer antlers, or matching stones, for example).

New Moon In Gemini Rituals

Here are a few rituals that you can do under the Gemini New Moon:

1) Tarot Under A Gemini New Moon

If you work with tarot, pull The Lovers (VI) from your favorite deck and place it in front of you. Spend some time reflecting or journaling on how the archetype of The Lovers is playing a role in your life right now.

The Lovers card doesn’t necessarily need to apply to a romantic relationship. It can represent communication between any two people – friends, partners, co-workers, parents and children, etc…)

Or it can represent how two different aspects of yourself communicate – your head and your heart, for example, or your conscious and sub-conscious minds.

The Lovers, as is the “twin” aspect of Gemini, represent the give and take, the balance and harmony of energies that require effective communication.

A breakdown in communication leads to disharmony.

For a simple New Moon in Gemini tarot spread, place The Lovers card down in front of you, then pull two random cards from the deck. Place one to the right of The Lovers card and the other to the left.

The card on the left of The Lovers card shows where you need to communicate boundaries. What do you need to start saying “no” to?

The card on the right shows where you need to set intentions during the New Moon to improve or harmonize communication.

Another variation is this Intention/Action spread below:

2) Activating The Throat Chakra

Gemini is associated with the throat chakra, which rules communication – your voice.

Take some time during the Gemini New Moon to do a throat chakra balancing mediation. There are lots of them on YouTube.

3) Honoring The Element Of Air

Gemini is an air sign, so work with the element of air during your New Moon rituals.

You can do this several ways:

  • Use a feather, piece of paper, or your hand to waft air towards you when you say (out loud) what you want to attract into your life. Waft air away from you when you say (out loud) what you want to release from your life.
  • When setting intentions, light a candle and say them out loud. Then blow out the candle and let the smoke carry your intentions out into the world. (You can do this with incense or smudge sticks, as well.
  • Take a walk on a windy day. Let the wind cleanse away negativity, stress, and tension.

My Garden At The New Moon In Gemini

As I mentioned above, I typically have calendula blooming (or about to bloom) in my garden by the Gemini New Moon.

While we often talk about the words we use, and our tone of voice, while communicating, there is a LOT of communication that happens without worlds.

This is evident when I observe the eco-system within my own garden.

Flowers communicate with pollinators through scent and color. In a similar way, we humans wordlessly communicate with each other through our body language, our style of dress, our facial expressions, and how we conduct ourselves.