New Moon In Libra

New Moon in Libra

Date: October 14, 2023

The New Moon in Libra signals a time to set intentions and pursue goals for balance and harmony in your life.

If you are anything like Tracy and I, creating – and then maintaining – balance and harmony is an ongoing challenge.

Yes, we have limited control over keeping everything orderly, organized, and harmonious 100% of the time.

As parents and business owners, life can feel anything but balanced.

However, we absolutely have control over how we react to imbalance, and there are simple actions that we can take to center and balance ourselves and our energy.

When Tracy and I feel out of balance, we turn to nature to restore harmony.

The simple act of lighting a sage leaf while sitting at our altar – if even for a couple moments – shifts our energy from stress and overwhelm to calm and peace.

Checking in with the phase of the moon, and the sign it’s in, keeps us connected and focused on our own personal growth.

Practicing mindful awareness of the shifting seasons, the cycles of the natural world outside our windows, pulls us out of the past and future and into the present moment where joy and peace and harmony can only be found.

The moon, crystals, herbs – nature itself – provides abundant resources to empower us to create balance.

New Moon In Libra Correspondences

Element: Air (Libra is an air sign).

Season: Autumn. (The Libra New Moon occurs during the autumn opposite the Full Moon in Libra, which happens during late-winter/early spring).

Candle Color: Blue, green, black.

Crystals/Stones: Black moonstone is my favorite crystal to work with during the new moon.

Additional stones to work with during a Libra moon include lapis lazuli, jade, emerald, opal, and beryl.

Herbs/Tea: Yarrow, calendula. I also work with herbs to balance energy – so lavender or chamomile to balance anxious energy. Mint or ginger to boost energy if tired, etc…

Essential Oils/Incense: Pine, rosemary, vanilla, basil, and mugwort.

Animal: The Bald Eagle represents balance to me. Some other animals that represent balance include dolphins and swans.

New Moon In Libra Rituals

Here are a few rituals that you can do under the Libra New Moon:

1) Libra New Moon Tarot

The tarot card associated with Libra is Justice (XI). The justice card represents logic, reasoning, taking an objective approach, and fairness.

I like to pull the Justice card from any of my favorite tarot decks and reflect on the imagery and how it relates to my current situation.

A simple New Moon in Libra tarot spread might include placing the Justice card down in front of you, and then pulling two additional, random cards from the deck.

Place one card to the right of the Justice card and the other to the left.

The card on the left is something (or someone) who could help support your intentions around harmony and balance.

The card on the right represents an action you can take right now to create a deeper sense of balance and harmony in your life.

2) Beyond Intention

Go ahead and set intentions for balance and harmony during the New Moon in Libra.

But then be sure to take the next step.

Create a schedule. Create a budget. Start saying “no” to things.

Take steps now to balance your energy, your money, and your time.