Witch Bell Protection Charms

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Make your home or sacred space extra enchanted with these hand-made witch bell protection charms.

Hang them from a doorway (especially entryways), window, wall, or anyplace where you want to repel negative energy and promote and amplify positive, protective energy.

Each witch bell protection charm is made with natural wreath material, includes mini bells, various witchy charms (pentacles, moons, skeleton keys, tree of life, etc…), and mini bottles filled with black salt, crystal chips, and/or herbs from our gardens.

Dimensions: Wreath is 4″ in diameter, and the entire witch bell charm is about 12 inches long.

*** PLEASE NOTE:  We hand-make these regularly as they often sell out.  Your Witch Bell may vary from what is pictured, but it will always be one of the varieties (Moon, Pentacle, Evil Eye) pictured below. ***

Options:  Pick One…

We currently have three variations of the witch bell charm.  They include:

  1. Moon Charm: Symbol of your connection to the moon and her wisdom through the ever-changing phases of the lunar cycle that opens doors to insight and inspiration.
  2. Pentacle Charm: For protection of the home and to promote peaceful and harmonizing energies within, amplifying your intentions and magical workings.
  3. Evil Eye (Nazar) Charm: For protection and to maintain your space as a special sanctuary for rejuvenation, inspiration, and joy where troubles won’t take root.

See below for pictures and description, and then make your selection above to order.

1) Moon Charm

Brass moon charm with sun and skeleton key charms, 3 bells, and 3 mini-bottles with mugwort, moonstone, amethyst, and black salt.




2) Pentacle Protection Charm

Brass tone pentacle charm with sun and tree of life charms, 3 bells, and 2 mini-bottles with green aventurine, tiger’s eye, and black salt.




3) Evil Eye (Nazar) Protection Charm

Brass tone tree of life charm with pentacle and 2 glass evil eye charms, 3 bells, and 2 mini-bottles with blue sodalite, carnelian, and black salt.


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Witch Bell Protection Charms
Original price was: $24.00.Current price is: $20.00.Select options