Mugwort Smoke Wand (Smudge Stick) with Amethyst Point


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Mugwort is one of my favorite herbs to work with, and it’s a popular smoke cleansing herb – particularly for ritual use.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is most commonly used for magical workings involving divination (tarot/oracle/runes/etc…), enhancing intuitive or psychic abilities, facilitating lucid dreaming, and gaining insights from dreams.

Mugwort is also associated with the moon, and is a wonderful herb to work with during any moon phase.

Each smoke cleansing bundle is tied with cotton thread and finished with a natural amethyst point and metal moon charm to promote connection to the waxing and waning energy of the lunar cycle to amplify your intent.

Dimensions: Approximately 6-7 inches long by 1 inch thick.

What’s Included:  One (1) Mugwort smoke wand with amethyst point and metal moon charm.

How To Use:  Simply light the end of the smoke wand with a candle, match, or lighter.  Allow the tip to catch fire, then blow or wave it out and allow the smoke to waft through the space or object you with to cleanse.  Be sure to always hold a heat-safe container beneath the smudge stick to catch any falling embers.  Be sure the smoke wand is completely extinguished when done using it.  Always practice fire safety.

Do not use around children, pets, or those with compromised lung function.

* Shipping Restriction:  The state of Louisiana prohibits the import of Mugwort-containing products, so we are unable to ship Mugwort herbal products to addresses in this state.



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Mugwort Smoke Wand (Smudge Stick) with Amethyst Point

Availability: 1 in stock