Loose Herb Bottles for Ritual Use – 15 ML Glass Vials


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Start your journey into herbal magic with these mini apothecary bottles of ritual herbs from our gardens!

Use them to create spell bottles, or loose incense.  Set them on your altar to invite the energy and spirit of the plant to aid in your magical workings.

You can also attach a cord and carry or wear the bottle of herbs to keep the energy of the plant close to you.

When you’ve used up the herbs, you’ll then have an empty bottle to use as a spell jar!  Or you can simply refill it!

Bottle Dimensions: Bottle height is just under 3″, diameter 3/4″.

Herb Options:

  • Mugwort: * Intuition, psychic abilities, dreams, divination.
  • Juniper Berry: Protection.
  • Black Witches Salt:  Protection, repelling negative energy.

* Shipping Restriction:  The state of Louisiana prohibits the import of Mugwort-containing products, so we are unable to ship Mugwort herbal products to addresses in this state.

Note:  These herbs are intended for ritual or external use only.  Keep away from children and pets.

Certain herbs are packed in the bottles so you get as much as you can.  Because of this, you may need a pair of tweezers or small implement to pick or scoop them out.

All herbs come in 15 ml glass bottles with a cork topper.  The black salt comes in a 15 ml glass bottle with a metal screw top.


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Loose Herb Bottles for Ritual Use – 15 ML Glass Vials