Smoke Cleansing Bundle (Smudge Stick) – White Sage, Lavender, Cedar with Quartz Point


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This hand-made smoke cleansing bundle is made with white sage, cedar, and lavender from our own gardens in upstate New York.

Our smoke wands are very different from the mass-produced “smudge sticks” you see at any metaphysical shop.  Because they are made in small batches from our own gardens, they smell wonderfully fresh, and we get tons of compliments about how wonderful these smell by customers at our in-person events.

As an “all-purpose” bundle for smoke cleansing, you can use it for any sort of ritual, to energetically cleanse and/or sanctify your space, or for whatever purpose you wish to smoke cleanse.

  • White Sage (Salvia apiana):  Cleansing, purification, sanctification.  (Grown in our own raised beds in upstate New York!)
  • Cedar (Thuja occidentalis): Positivity, joy, purification.
  • Lavender (Lavandula sp.): Calm, harmony, peacefulness. (This is a blend of French and English lavenders grown in our own gardens.)

Each smoke cleansing bundle is tied with cotton thread and finished with a quartz point and metal pentacle charm to promote protection and amplify your intention as you use it.

Dimensions: Approximately 6-7 inches long by 1 inch thick.

What’s Included:  One (1) smoke wand with quartz point and pentacle charm.

How To Use:  Simply light the end of the smoke wand with a candle, match, or lighter.  Allow the tip to catch fire, then blow or wave it out and allow the smoke to waft through the space or object you with to cleanse.  Be sure to always hold a heat-safe container beneath the smudge stick to catch any falling embers.  Be sure the smoke wand is completely extinguished when done using it.  Always practice fire safety.

Do not use around children, pets, or those with compromised lung function.



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