Mugwort & Lavender Dream Pillow


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Place this delightful satchel beneath your pillow and drift into calm, dream-filled sleep full of insights, inspiration, and guidance.

Mugwort dream pillows are used to facilitate lucid dreaming, as well as magical dream work (prophetic dreams, dream interpretation, dream divination, etc…).

Measuring 4 inches by 4 inches, this pillow smells absolutely heavenly with the intoxicatingly herbal aroma of Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and the dreamy, calming scent of lavender.

All herbs used were lovingly grown and harvested from our gardens in upstate New York.

How To Use:

Simply keep this dream pillow beneath your regular pillow when you sleep.

You can also use this pillow for aromatherapy by enjoying the scent when you want to feel calm, before divination (such as working with tarot/oracle cards), or just to connect to Mugwort and Lavender as plant allies.

This pillow will last a long time.  If you notice the scent decreasing over time, simply knead the pillow a few times to refresh it.

Do not get this dream pillow wet!  Keep away from children and pets.

Allergy Information: Like any herb, especially when flower parts are used, mugwort and lavender can cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to these plants.

* Shipping Restriction:  The state of Louisiana prohibits the import of Mugwort-containing products, so we are unable to ship Mugwort herbal products to addresses in this state.


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