Spell Bottles to Boost Intention, Manifestation, & Magick


Spell bottles and jars have a long history in folk magick.  For anything you wish to draw into your life, there is a jar for that!

Filled with herbs, crystals, and other items that correspond with an intention or goal, spell jars are a wonderful way to connect to the energies of the natural world to bolster will and add a little something extra to your magickal workings.

Place them on your altar or in your home for protection, harmony, and to aid in manifestation.

Carry them with you to keep you calm and focused. Set them on your desk or studio to inspire creativity.

Place it under your bed or in your bedroom to promote love and connection.

The list is endless!

Our mini spell bottles are made to order using intuitively chosen dried herbs from our gardens, mini crystal chips, various types of salt, placed into a mini glass bottle with cork top and sealed with soy wax.  Corresponding colored string and a metal charm adds the final touch.

Choose a magical intention using the dropdown, or select “Other” and write your desired intention into the memo at checkout, and we will craft a special spell bottle just for you!

No two spell bottles are alike!

Dimensions:  2″ x 3/4″


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